Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Lazy Boy

Happy Wednesday to you! It is beautiful here today, but tomorrow will be another story; a massive storm is headed our way. As many of you know, Hunter was our first Bichon and only the second small dog we've had. We had a Chihuahua mix when we were first married, but other than that our dogs have been medium size. Our first small dog's name was Brandy and she was a really smart dog, but when we got her she was very small and her coloring was liver. The people at the humane society said she might have Weimaraner in her-we were teased continually when she never grew. We were excited that we were getting a hunting dog-only to find out she didn't have any of the breed in her genes. So fast forward to Hunter and as hubby loves to say "he is one spoiled dog". Yes, he sleeps on the bed with us and pretty much does whatever he wants. What makes me laugh though is that he is not a morning dog. Often we will get up and all come downstairs and after he goes outside, he will go back upstairs and go back to bed. I've never known a dog to do this. He loves to sleep in and sometimes won't even get up with us; of course in winter we try to stay in bed as long as possible.

Here he is this morning- awake, but very comfortable while I was blow drying my hair. I know if Lily or Petrol were here, they'd be playing non stop. So maybe it's boredom, I just find it silly.
This little guy has got our hearts! If we didn't have Lily around so much or Petrol, we would definitely have another Bichon.
Hope you have joy and love from an animal in your life.
Noreen & Hunter


  1. Me and Stanley sleep in every day. If dad gets up we stay in bed with mom. Sometimes we will run outside to go potty when dad gets up and then go back to bed until mom gets us.

    Your Sleepy Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Hey Hunter I am a bed head too. I love a god lie in and after that and breakfast I hit the park for a lark and some squirrel hunting. All about conserving ones energy pal. Have a wonderful Wednesday fellow bed head.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We never sleep in. As soon as momma's feet hit the floor we are up BUT as soon as she sits down we are asleep on her lap.
    stella rose

  4. I love Bichons and the fact that they don't shed! Our little pooch is Chihuahua/Pomerania and shed's like a huge dog!! Your Hunter is adorable ;)

  5. We had a poodle like that named Sugar Baby. She was a napper, too! xo Diana

  6. Oh my gosh...adorable! Looks like Hunter just had a blow dry fluffy and clean.

  7. The bed is the bestest place in the whole world, we do that also, say maybe he has some Scottie-Tude in him!

    The Mad Scots

  8. Our Annie is like that. She very rarely gets up when we do. Usually I finally manage to pull her out from under the covers around 11, just so I can fix up the bed.

  9. Our dogs are spoiled too! R knows to stay in bed until exactly the moment when the Runner is heading out the door. He has the timing perfect.

    It's wonderful to hear how Hunter has stolen your hearts!

    It seems like no one really knows how much snow we'll get. Time will tell...

  10. This is so sweet Noreen, you have just described our dog Jack, he is so spoiled, goes most everywhere with us and absolutely does not like to get up early. And Jack has our hearts too! lovely post, stay warm we have had ice and snow along with frigid temps.

  11. Hunter- you are sooo cute!
    I don't sleep in cause I want food!
    Well then sometimes I do need a nap as soon as I eat.

  12. I think you both his the jackpot there with Hunter!! My Dusty LOVES to stay in bed too. He will bet up when I do, but will come back in here with me, while I sip my coffee, and he would stay in bed with me as long as I did! Silly boy!!
    xo Kris

  13. That's me. Mom forces me to get up and go out, nutty

  14. We used to have a terrier-mix who would go out in the morning and then go back upstairs to sleep-in longer on our son's bed; so funny! Your Hunter is very handsome... and there's nothing wrong with being well-loved. He's one lucky pup.


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