Thursday, January 30, 2014

I can't believe most of the day is gone! This morning Hunter and I walked, before the storm hits. Then I had a haircut and when I got home our oldest and her kiddos were here. When they left, hubby and I headed to the market to stock up in case the storm is really bad. Yesterday we got a new t.v and again realized that we are seniors and so not reckon. Hopefully our sil will be able to help us, otherwise we will get The Geek Squad out here. Now we are just relaxing And I'm hoping to get around to visit all of you.
Have a great evening; for those in the East, please stay safe!
Blessings, Noreen


  1. I hope the storm isn't as bad as I've heard it would be. I still have been unable to connect my DVD player correctly to my TV, oh well!! Have a great evening and Friday!

  2. We bought our new TV from Best Buy and contracted at the time of sale to have the Geek Squad come hook it up. We decided not to even try ourselves. ;-) Good luck with yours!

  3. New things are always a challenge and I find that I am very persistent in figuring them out like I've been doing with Windows 8 !!!! Best of luck to you. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Hummmmmmm, sounds like stuff our peeps do, then they yell at one of the kids to come over and save them, Barharhar.

    The Mad Scots
    Pees; yep we getting ready for that storm Sunday, Monday & Tuesday, nothing like a Mad Scots trapped in the house when them nuts!

    Susie & Bites


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