Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's Outdoor Wednesday and Hunter and I have already walked 3 miles with our friends. Hunter would never walk this far with just me; it is getting warm and he would have crashed but he is a pack dog and as long as their are pups along, he carries on. Hunter is on the left, Lexie in the middle and Teddy on the right. We had a great walk, though he did step in some goose poop-yuck.

By the end of the walk, we had three tired pups. Hunter is hanging back in the shade; you know you've got some happy dogs when they are this relaxed. Thankfully, it is only in the low 70's not the 90's like it will be later.
The photos were taken on my IPhone so aren't the best quality; they did look better though when I got them in my email. 
I hope you find some joy today!
Hugs, Noreen & Hunter


  1. Looks like a great walk! It will be close to 100 here today, so Cam and Zim had their big walk at about 0600. I'll bet Hunter loves walking with his buddies!
    PS: I found the bone-shaped carabiners through Amazon! Just type "bone-shaped carabiners" in their search engine, if you're interested - they have lots to choose from!

  2. YAY! Hunter likes long walks with his pack!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Aw, looks like the three of them had a wonderful and long walk! A tired pup is a happy and well behaved pup! ;-) Enjoy the cooler weather!!

  4. We walked this morning too...but only a mile. The heat and humidity are making any outdoor activity miserable. Dew point is 78 right noe making our heat index a triple digest. Ugh. Prefer dry heat any thankful for the A/C !

  5. Oh- It is too hot to do anything here today except wade in the kiddy pool! lol It's good for the pups to walk everyday though- xo Diana

  6. LOve these two photos as they tell such a story!!

    p.s. please keep R in your prayers...a little something unsettling happening with him at work. :(

  7. Yuck on the goose poop! Nice that you were able to get in a nice walk.

    My photos look fantastic on my iPhone and in the emails ... not so good when I posted them on my blog. Wish I knew why???


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