Monday, August 26, 2013

Garage Sale Treasures

On Friday, I joined my bff  Kam, her daughter, sister and we went out in search of treasures. I haven't been buying a lot this summer but found some great bargains. I've collected china teacups for many years; I also have passed down teacups to my granddaughters. When I saw this at a gals house, I knew I had to have it. It is so delicate and beautiful.
I wasn't looking for white candy dishes but saw these and thought they'd be perfect for a ladies tea or luncheon.
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Posted by Picasa
The rest of the weekend was busy as always; hubby and I joined some friends and watched the USA Pro-Challenge Bike Race as it came through town. While we enjoyed it, I do remember the Tour de California lasted much longer-of course they rode around Nevada City many, many times.
The rest of Saturday morning and early afternoon was spent with friends; there was a  wine tasting festival in town and hubby and the other two couples got to taste some wine from Palisades, Co.
We are still trying to get bids on the work that needs to be done here at our house.  It takes so much time and I'm thankful hubby is handling it. 
Today I'll be bike riding and walking;  throw in some gardening, if it isn't too hot, and chores.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend, marked by Grace.
Noreen & Hunter


  1. Good Morning, What a pretty cup/saucer. Those candy/nut dishes are beautiful. Are they stamped Italy on the bottom?
    Hope your weather is not too hot and that you have a nice Monday.

  2. Too hot for any gardening here. I've got a little yard work that needs to be done, but it's just going to have to wait until it cools off more.

    Your yard sale finds are so sweet ... and all the more precious because you found them with friends.

  3. Good morning! Love the cup and saucer set...didn't know you collected mom did too for a few years. I did inherit a couple of those. The little white dishes are cute too, and your right look perfect for what you thought. Sounds like you have a busy day planned...enjoy!

  4. MOM's friend just got back from that wine thingy in Palisades. She had a grand time. Nose poke to Hunter.

  5. Love the cup and saucer. I don't collect them anymore, however did for years. Gave them to my daughters. Have a super day. Hugs

  6. Love your sweet teacup and the candy dishes. It is raining hard here right now and in the 90s and heavy feeling- ugh- xo Diana

  7. Hello, Yes what a treasure you found! I love it when I see a cup and sucer that match and for a bargain to boot!
    We are looking to going to the State fair this week.
    The kids are all going camping next week. Can you believe it is almost Labor Day!
    Blessings to you!


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