Friday, August 23, 2013

If Wishes Were Kitchens

Happy Friday Friends, It is a beautiful morning here in Colorado; sun is shining and there is a slight breeze in the air. I've been hitting garage sales with my gal pals and came away with a very pretty china teacup and saucer, some candy dishes and a huge planter with plants in it. The plants are a bit old but for $2.00, who could complain. I will share my treasures tomorrow. For now, I wanted to share some kitchens that I'd love to have; maybe our next house will have an updated kitchen but for now, a girl can dream can't she?! This first kitchen I'm sharing is the same layout as mine, so I've been envisioning just what I could do to my kitchen; changing the color of the cabinets, new counter tops, new appliances etc etc.

I love this kitchen!

I love the look of painted cabinets and although I'd love some white or antique white; I grew up with painted kitchen cabinets and well remember many days spent using a product to clean off the fingerprints. I also know, from our white trim throughout the house, that white shows everything-so maybe I would choose a darker wood cabinet such as Cherry or Alder. I so love the size of my kitchen and would hope to have one as big; or at least one that can handle three or four people at a time in it. We may be empty nesters but we always have family around or a dog or two.
I love cruising blog land and seeing different homes and decorating styles.  I also love Pinterest but don't spend much time there; don't want to grumble about the what I don't have and instead focus on the blessings I've been given.
Have  a fun weekend!
Noreen, Hunter and Lily


  1. Yes, our kitchens are similar! Mom fears painted cabinets. New counter tops would be nice though!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. I have been pinning all sorts of house stuff, in hopes of selling this house and moving into the city closer to hubby's new job. I am loving the ceilings with wood. I have a friend who had a designer friend help her with new paint colors and they have been painting her ceilings in some of the rooms with a lot of fun more off white...LOVE IT. I thought about mowing today but after last weeks FREAKY cool weather where we opened the house for 5 days with no AC the return of the humidity seems horrid. Looking forward to Fall. We are having to rework our schedule on when we get to head to our daughters in Colorado. It might be earlier than we thought so maybe we won't miss the Fall colors after all. She was so excited for the storm yesterday. She missed the rain, thunder and lightening like we have around here. But the freaky hail was bizarre. I didn't really understand what part of the Denver area that hail hit. Hope you have a grand weekend!

  3. Oh I love to dream about kitchens...mine is in desperate need of counters and cupboards, but honestly it is kind of small too. In our old house where we lived for 25 years I had a HUGE kitchen that I had FINALLY completely re-done about 5 years before we moved. It had all the things I had wanted for years. It was wonderful, and honestly, I STILL miss it, haha. I think we might finally settle in San Diego in maybe 3 years or so, so doesn't seem smart to put much money in this one. Meanwhile though it is soo bad. I am just about convinced to just go ahead and at least paint the cupboards. We will see. Loved looking at your dream kitchens. Enjoy your week-end!

  4. They are beautiful!! I too "dream" sometimes - but then look around and know that I have for which to be thankful!!


  5. Beautiful kitchens! I am one of those people who cannot stand having construction going on in my house so I just admire but don't wish for a new kitchen :)

    Happy Friday to you too! It's been storming up here in the mountains all afternoon!

  6. I just LOVE those kitchens!! We started a partial remodel earlier in the year, but unfortunately it has been put on hold so we don't have the new countertops or floor. We will get it eventually. I haven't even been on mail lately Noreen...and I so appreciate your prayers!

  7. I had painted cabinets at our old house before we re-did the kitchen. I prepped them really well and was extra careful with how I painted them. They still chipped with normal usage. :-( I'm sure factory-painted cabinets would hold up better, but I'm "scarred" and will always choose a woodtone. When we redid our old kitchen, we chose alder stained to look like cherry. Not so expensive but oh so beautiful.

    Our current kitchen is not the kitchen of my dreams, but it's adequate, which is really all that matters. ;-) I don't suppose I'll really care much if we're still here by the time this kitchen would need a makeover, but I do have plans in my head anyway. ha! A girl can dream, right? As long as those dreams don't cause us to not appreciate what we do have. ;-)

  8. Those are so beautiful! I love dreaming of kitchens - though I am happy enough with what we've done to ours. OK, I'd love a huge walk-in pantry to appear somewhere, complete with countertops for those HEAVY appliances ... but that's not do-able in this house. :) Do you ever visit They even have an iPad app. Check it out - so many inspiring ideas! When we were re-doing our kitchen last year, a high school buddy of mine who is a high-powered interior designer in DC turned me onto that site. Just amazing!


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