Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy Wednesday to you~I had planned to finish the last bit of our trip today but yesterday depleted all my energy, so I didn't get the photos to blogger.  Monday night, we had six of our granddaughters here for dinner and a sleepover.  When we have a summer sleepover, we usually have at least nine kiddos; this time we broke it into the girls group and the two boys.  I always plan to have the grands over several times, but with vacations etc. it never seems to happen.  This time the girls were so excited to be by themselves without the boys; don't get me wrong, they love the boys, but you know it is easier to do girlie things without boys around.  Girlie things were what the evening was about.  After dinner, Papa took them outside for a bit and did bubbles with them and let me tell you that six girls can scream and laugh like it is a large group.  One of the memories I have of my mom is letting me try on her wedding dress when I was little-I always loved doing it.  I decided that they would not only try on my mom's wedding dress, a very simple satin dress that is now so faded with age-it has to be at least 80 years old; I also pulled out my wedding dress that has been carefully packed away for 35 years.  It was such fun and I did take photos for their moms.  Our oldest granddaughter fit into my dress-granted it was very long but it was fun to see.  I know that this will make for a wonderful memory.  After this, we painted toenails and then watched t.v.  The girls wanted to watch t.v. in the guest room but decided to read instead. What is a slumber party without constant talking and giggling.  I think they all fell asleep by 10:15; of course this was probably really late for some of them-especially the two 3 yrs olds.  We also had one that is five and a six year old, seven year old and eight year old.  They were up bright and early yesterday morning so got to watch a show in the guest room while Nana got her coffee. Tomorrow night, we have the two boys and it will be so easy with them-ages 12 and 10.  The only thing I have planned is taking them out to dinner; I'm sure they will bring a guy movie for hubby-probably Star Wars or such.
After the girls left yesterday, hubby and I went on a 13 mile bike ride.  Having been gone has really slowed me down, even though we walked constantly and did the stairs on the ship the entire time; I know I just need to get out daily and ride at least 8 miles. This morning Kam and I will be riding-probably 11 miles.  Hubby and I have some friends coming over for lunch; it will be fun to catch up.  We were supposed to go on a 30 mile bike ride tomorrow but our friends cancelled and I can tell you I'm glad-I'm just not in shape to go that far yet. 
I hope your week has been good so far! 
Blessings on your day.
Noreen & Hunter


  1. Such great memories you are making for your grands!! No wonder you are exhausted!!!
    Rest up!
    xo Kris

  2. What a SPECIAL thing to do with your granddaughters! The photos you took of them in the wedding dresses are bound to be cherished!

  3. Happy Wednesday! What a SPECIAL Sweet thing. Golden Love. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Wow, how can Hunter survive all the kids at once? This is a wonderful time for them all to have with you. Would love to see the wedding dress pics!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. What a great nana you are, and what precious memories those little girls are going to have forever. Hope we get to see photos :)
    Love all the ALaska photos, bringing back great memories for me.
    Look forward to your visit next spring.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful way to show your granddaughters how much you love them. And mom says they will treasure these memories for years and years, and maybe even do the same with their children. Have fun with the boys too.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. Sleepovers with kids are the best! I have 14 nephews & nieces so you can imagine how many sleepovers I've had. Making new memories is always great :)

  8. What a great Grandmother you are--And what wonderful memories you are making with your Grands that will connect you in the years to come!!

  9. 30 miles? Even when I was riding several times a week, I don't think I ever got up to 30 miles at one time.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful sleepover - what a marvelous Nana you are!! I know what you mean about trying to arrange a sleepover - with vacations and other family commitments. I have only one family to try to work around, and it's still difficult to arrange a sleepover. I get plenty of T-time, so I have no complaints.


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