Saturday, February 2, 2013

They Are Back

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Every winter we are blessed with the migration of not only Canadian Geese, but also with Bald Eagles. I remember the first time we saw some-I was so in awe of the majesty of these birds. I still feel the same way today. Hubby spotted at least four yesterday while golfing and he got this shot for me. Even with our telephoto, it is hard to see the beauty of these birds. I am sure we won't be leaving the house without our camera or cell phones-which take really good photos.
 I'd love to tell you all that whatever I'm dealing with-cold or allergies is gone but it isn't. In fact, it got worse yesterday and is more in my sinuses and head than during the week. So I'm really taking it slow today; got a new book to read and review, so I'll be on the couch. Actually, I did try to replace a dead-bolt lock on our front door but the hole in the door needs to be larger so I'm waiting for honey to get back from golfing. Have a wonderful weekend friends!
 Hugs, Noreen


  1. Thanks for sharing the amazing picture. So sorry you are not feeling better yet. Take care and I pray you improve soon.

  2. It's always fun to see the return of "old friends", isn't it. The renewal of spring has begun.

    I sure hope you feel better soon, Noreen. A new book & the couch sounds like a match made in heaven for you today. I will be praying for you!!


  3. Great picture! Just a few miles to the north where the Mississippi and the Missouri Rivers converge is where a large group of bald eagles come to spend the winter every year. Can you believe that I've never gone up there to see any? I can't. :-( I think that this year might be the year to go up ... as soon as I get over whatever this is that I'm dealing with. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Those eagles are amazing. So hubby is golfing!! must not have any of the white stuff in your neck of the woods. Hope you are feeling better soon, no fun, feeling punky. HUgs.
    Oh, the Kauai door closed :( but 2 other doors are still open!! Please continue to pray.

  5. My MOM is in awe of golfing in February. She loves to golf, but I am afraid she won't the the grass of the course until March, but most likely April. Sure wish whatever that has taken up residence in you would go away. Just rest, read, and snuggle with Hunter.

  6. I have another blog friend in Oklahoma who is having trouble with bald eagles getting her chickens. She appreciates their majesty, but wishes they would eat something besides her chicken. I haven't seen eagles around her, but there sure are a lot of geese.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  7. We have bald eagles in our area over the winters too. I even saw one flying over our house a couple of weeks ago (we're a couple of miles from the river). They are majestic birds. Hope you feel better soon, Noreen.

  8. The photos are amazing..Bald eagles are so majestic..Im sorry your not feeling well. I myself have been in so much sinus pain in the last week. it's sinus migraines. I had one Monday night I thought was going to kill me, that lasted 2 an a half days now today I am fighting another one. The pain is unreal. I sat in the kitchen earlier and knew I had to do something because the pain and sickness from it had me so out of it and I couldn't do anything. So I tried the old stand by and I couldn't believe it but it worked! I stuck my head over a steaming pot of hot water with a towel and breathed in the steam and it relieved the pain! It also makes for a great facial... LOL.. Give it a try, it may help

  9. We have bald eagles here, but not that many and I always enjoy seeing them. Of course in Alaska we saw them all the time, and like you, I never get tired of seeing them, they are amazing and beautiful!

    I hope you're feeling better...Take care!!

  10. Hmmmm . . . maybe you should go see the doctor?? This is hanging on longer than it should!


    Murphy & Stanley

  11. As all of nature reminds us - we need to go with the flow. Look after yourself, dear Noreen. Those eagles are beautiful!
    Sending lotsaluv

  12. I just saw a picture of a beautiful bald eagle over at Secondary Roads (he got a picture of one sitting in a tree!), and now this!! You guys are lucky. I've never seen one, ever. I bet it is majestic.

  13. wow! love the pic! How I'd love to see those eagles in person.

    Sounds like you have the bug my son James has been battling. Started off losing his voice and coughing, and then his sinuses filled and his nose was soo congested too. He has been over two weeks and he is still battling...soo draining. Praying you feel better soon! Just curl up on that coach and rest, rest, rest! HUGS

  14. They are just magnificent birds, aren't they?!!? I admit to being totally thrilled whenever I get to see them, too!
    My husband is hoping our snow will melt so he can get back out on the course, too! Maybe a couple days - who knows?
    Sure hope you get feeling better!

  15. Wow that is really special that you get to see bald eagles, they are beautiful birds. Hope that you are feeling better!


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