Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Monday

It's a new week my friends, filled with endless possibilities and chances to embrace life to the fullest. Well, I'd love to say that hubby got these shots yesterday while golfing but he didn't have any good shots-so I borrowed them from last year's post. Today will be the fourth day in a row that hubby will be golfing; so unlike typical winters in Colorado, but we are loving it!
 So what did you think of the Superbowl? More importantly, what did you think of the commercials and half time show? As for the game, the 49er's were our old home team and since the Bronco's didn't end up there, I was routing for them. O.k. I'll say sort of; actually when I saw how well the Raven's were playing, I switched sides. It was a good game; got to say some of the commercials were spectacular and some left a lot to be desired. My favorite ads were of course the Budweiser ad, the tribute to our armed forces and yes the tribute to our farmers. I loved seeing the children's choir singing and Jennifer Hudson did a good job too, but I could have totally skipped the half time show. In fact, that is when we were cooking dinner.
 I am pleased to say that I feel so much better again today; and I seriously need to get back to the gym. Amazing how missing a couple of weeks can add on the pounds-even when I walk during the week. I hope you have a good day today and remember to look around you-you might see something incredible, like a Bald Eagle.
Hunter is in heaven having Lily here; I will say that at four yrs old, she is acting more like an old lady who gets tired of the young pup wanting to play constantly.  This morning though, they are playing non-stop; we are about ready to head out for a walk and I'm sure by the time our daughter comes to get Lily, Hunter will be ready for a nap.   I'm so thankful that they get along well; it makes it so much more fun for them and for us.
Joy to you~Noreen, Hunter and Lily


  1. My team is the Packers and my second team is the 49ers so I cheered them on. I agree with you about the commercials and like the same ones, and posted on Facebook last night that the half time show was not appropriate for family viewing.
    On my walks I look for pelicans, and you look for eagles.

  2. we don't have the Super Bowl here in the UK but the things I'm reading make it seem to be good fun! I'm so glad that Hunter is getting on well with his little playmate. He'll be lonely when she's gone! Joan

  3. Glad you continue to get better! Our winter is very different from yours. The inversion is back and we are in the same mess we were in most of July. They are saying it should only hold on a few more days. Can't get Spring here quickly enough! We didn't watch the Superbowl at all.

    Murphy & Stanley
    Two Cool Doods

  4. Happy you're feeling better. Was real happy the SB game was a good one to watch.

  5. So glad you are feeling better...yes I agree on the commercials...the Clydesdale and the farmer ones really brought tears to my eyes...I didn't really care who won but I did feel sorry for the brother who lost. That must have been really hard to see your brother win the Super Bowl....

  6. Your pictures of the eagles are so beautiful! I have to admit I didn't watch the Super Bowl yesterday because I'm not a sports fan. My husband watched some of the game though...too bad the 49ers lost. I watched most of the commercials online, and I think my favorite was the Budweiser ad. It tugged on the heart strings. Enjoy a lovely day! :)

  7. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. MOM and I watched the last quarter of the game, you know cuz she is at church from 6AM to 7:30PM. We enjoyed it and got to see a few commercials that were good. Glad Mr. Hunter is having a good time. It's important to have a good play friend.

  8. Glad to hear that you're feeling even better today ... sounds like you're definitely on the mend.

    I'm not a football fan, although I did get a little interested the years that the Rams made the Super Bowl. I watched the commercials ... about half were worth watching and the other half not.

  9. OH so happy that there is no more football!!!! glad you are feeling better..

  10. SO glad you're feeling better! I hope to go out soon to have a go at our Bald Eagles with the new camera!
    The tribute to Farmers was beautiful, the Clydesdale one made me all leaky :) , and I thought the halftime show was inappropriate. So were some of the commercials. Call me a dinosaur if you'd like, but I wouldn't want children watching a lot of what they aired.

  11. Glad you are better. And that Hunter is enjoying his guest.

  12. Glad you are feeling better Noreen!! I watched the game...and I was hoping the 49ers would have won...the two coaches parents must have been so very proud to have both of their sons there! It was difficult for the loser...I do think that last call should have been holding! I liked the same commercials you did...and was not a fan of the half time show either. The girlz enjoyed lying by the fire! Glad Hunter and Lily are enjoying themselves!! Happy Tuesday! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  13. These pictures are stunningly beautiful, Noreen! I've never seen a picture of a Bald Eagle before other than in a book or magazine. What magnificent creatures God created when He created them!!

    So glad you're feeling better. Take the gym slowly, dear heart... you are probably much weaker still than you think.



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