Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Good Morning to You! Can you believe we are in the second to the  last week of February?  Seriously, Valentine's Day was just last Thursday and I'm already thinking about putting out March decorations.  The other day it dawned on me, while seeing St.Pat's decorations in blogland, that Easter is really early this year and if I wanted to put out a bit of the green, that I'd better get to it.  The day after our celebration, all my Easter bunnies will appear.  Yesterday I went to a local Marshall's and got some place mats and towels.  I also got some green crystal goblets last summer for the table and I will be watching for items when I'm out and about.
 You all know how I started out the new year going strong with the gym-well it is official, today I cancelled my membership.  Why?  Well, I began the new class in January and immediately started fighting a boil.  Then I also got that head cold that kept me down for two weeks straight. I kept telling myself I needed to get back there but ladies, it just hasn't happened.  After really pondering what to do, giving myself another month or two to get into my routine, I decided that I probably wouldn't go. I do walk about 5-6 times a week and with spring approaching, I will be bike riding too.  My daughters have said I can come use their treadmills if I want.  The monthly fee wasn't very much but why pay if you aren't using it?! I do need to take off about 5 pounds but hopefully if the exercise here kicks up a notch or two, it will come off.  We have a long weekend away in March and I just keep finding excuses-so it is done and I feel that pressure off my back. Thank you to all the dear friends who encouraged me to go-now if you were here and I could go with you, I would.
Hunter and I will be going on a walk shortly and then I am once again heading to Social Security Administration to get my online account active.  As you may recall, I have gone twice and been assured that it was taken care of.  I waited a few weeks to access my account and found out I couldn't get in; then I called in and they said the office workers hadn't asked me the correct questions.  So  glad I decided to check this out(actually it was hubby's idea)the year before I collect; this gal wouldn't be happy if I found it out next year and was delayed getting my benefits. 
Our weather has been sunny but cold and snow is in the forecast for tonight into Thursday-we'll see.
I hope you are getting out and about in your neck of the woods. 
Blessings on your day!
Noreen & Hunter


  1. While my MOM does go to the gym, she much rather do stuff with me outside like hike and stuff. And we do that. Oh sure she still hits the gym , but the stuff with me is way better and more simulating than four walls and sweaty strangers. hahhahha. And when it is nice weather outside she always opts for exercise outside than in a gym. Maybe she should give up her membership. But them again what would she do at 2 or 3 in the morning when she can't sleep. That's when she loads me in the car and I snooze while she works out. Crazy woman.

  2. Boy, you are way more acitve than me. I think I am not that active cause I dont get to get Burt out for walks more than twice a week these last few months but I do go pretty good running the kennel. But you still seem much more on the go than me.

    Have a nice time and you and Hunter enjoy your walk
    Bert's My Vickie

  3. I have a feeling I would have canceled it too. Walking as much as you do is great so you do keep pretty active....way more than me /:

    Enjoy your day! We're waiting for a storm to arrive too.

  4. Sounds busy to me! Glad Hunter gets a nice walk in your day! Lucky dog

  5. Good for you, Noreen! Nothing is allowed to hang over our heads when spring arrives... that's in a rule book somewhere, I think. *haha* I don't know about you but come nicer weather, I get enough exercise out in the yard. Oy... the yardwork waiting for me this year. Too many wind storms knocked down way too many branches & limbs... that all need to be picked up. One. At. A. Time. *bleh*

    Our weather is as funny as all get-out. Yesterday it was 50 degrees & we went out on the motorcycle... but today there's a dusting of snow on the ground & it's only 17 degrees out there. I think spring keeps trying to push through but winter keeps pushing back saying "Hey, wait a minute... I'm not done here yet!!"

    Have a wonderful rest of the day & week, my dear friend.


  6. Some times we just need to let things go instead of having them hang over our heads. You can shape up on your own and 5#'s will melt right off when you are walking/biking again!

    I hear you- I need to get my St. Pat's stuff out, too- xo Diana

  7. We finally canceled our gym membership too but I won't tell you how long we kept it and never used it. With the weather getting warmer soon...I hope, I should be able to get outside more and walk, at least that's the plan. Enjoy your day

  8. You are one busy lady! The weather has been so cold and overcast today. Days like this make me anxious for the Spring.

    I do like the verse you shared on your blog banner and the one here at the comments from Psalms 19:14

    I enjoy your blog posts.

  9. Mom's always talking about 5 or 10 pounds too! We had a very nice day today - 50 degrees! But later tonight a storm is supposed to come in and give us some snow. At least the air is clean today! We have our CGC test a week from Thursday. Mom is nervous!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Online Doods

  10. Busy,Busy,Busy.. I need to start walking too.. I had started then stopped you are giving me some motivation!! Thanks!!

  11. Busy,Busy,Busy.. I need to start walking too.. I had started then stopped you are giving me some motivation!! Thanks!!

  12. Hi Noreen! I would cancel as well. I have never been one to use the gym. I don't like the idea of using the same equipment that a sweaty man just used, and I am more comfortable with doing my own thing, out of doors usually. Although I do love Jazzercise.
    It is cold and raining here, with snow expected up in our local mountains. Yea!!!!

  13. If I had a nice place to walk outdoors, I would. Our subdivision is so small, and we're just off a pretty busy street.

    I guess I need to check to see that my SSA online account is active???? Might be a nice idea now since my first check is supposed to arrive in April.


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