Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I am filled with gratitude that it is a new day, sunny and beautiful, filled with lots of possibilities!
I am so thankful for our little dog Hunter; he fills my life with such joy.  Tuesday evening he was a little off; couldn't pin point anything specific but one thing that really surprised me was that at bedtime, instead of snuggling in next to me, he crawled under the bed-something he has never done.  Yesterday morning Lily was here with family and he seemed fine and even gobbled up his kibble after she left-which in inself if pretty unusual.  After lunch, Hunter began vomiting-a total of 10 times in an hour.  By the six time I was getting worried.  I waited a bit and then called the vet.  In we went; I try to do as much on our own as possible but this seemed serious and I didn't want him to get worse.  Thankfully, he didn't have an obstruction and his blood work was fine; they gave him meds there and to take home.  I can say I believe he is back to normal today. He ate his kibble first thing and his human food will only be boiled chicken in the future.  So very thankful for a vet that is so friendly and a staff that bring understanding to their practice.  I won't say it was cheap by any means, but it could have been worse.  Hubby will be home today so I won't worry about our boy. They sure do get into your heart quickly! 
I'm off to our last session on this study and it should be nice.
I thank you my friends, for praying for our little guy and for me-I was emotionally spent by last night.
Sending love your way!
Noreen & Hunter


  1. So glad that Hunter is going to be ok. It's really scary when they are sick, and you don't know why.

  2. So sorry to have missed so many of your posts, but we have been very sporadic about our blog time lately. We hope Hunter will be just fine. It seems like a lot of dogs have been having quick bouts with tummy upsets - must be some sort of doggy flu going around.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Woof! Woof! Glad to hear Hunter is doing well. I can relate as I had episodes of throwing up during my ear infections. It is scary. Have a restful Thursday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Just reading this now...I am so sorry Hunter was under the weather. glad he seems to be feeling better now. Maybe he just ate something that didn't agree with him. Will continue to pray.
    Ron's interview is at 5:30 CST today. Please keep him in your thoughts.THX
    Hugs and love. val

  5. So glad your little guy is doing better....Max & Mia went for a teeth cleaning this AM...just got word that they are doing fine but, Max had to have two teeth removed....ouch!!

  6. We're so thankful that Hunter is ok! He had lots of us praying for him! So glad your vet was able to fit him in and get him feeling so much better!

  7. So happy for hunter!! He's lucky to have you!! You are a good momma!

  8. Oh Noreen, how scary! Poor little Hunter! And poor you!!! I am so happy to hear that he is much better today. We also have a wonderful Vet. They even called every day to check on Dusty when he had surgery and then developed problems! I can see why some folks choose to have Pet Insurance. The Vet bills can be staggering.
    Enjoy this sun shiny day!!!
    xo Kris

  9. So glad Hunter is back to normal! We have our CGC at 8:00 tonight!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Online Doods

  10. Soo glad your little Hunter is back to his regular happy self today! Enjoy your day!

  11. So sorry Hunter wasn't well. He didn't eat any grapes did he?
    My sister's pet ate grapes and it made her deathly ill.
    I knew about chocolate being bad for dogs, but grapes?
    May you get rested and feel so much better.
    God bless,

  12. I thought about you a few days ago as my husband made his way around Denver in the snow. Brrrrr

    So glad the pup's doing better, and you along with him. They sure become a part of the family!


  13. So glad that Hunter has bounced back...those little guys do tend to get a hold of our hearts

  14. I'm glad Hunter is doing better. It is very frightening when they get so sick!

  15. Hi Noreen,
    so glad your lil Hunter is back to normal, they are like our babies...
    and we take care of them accordingly,
    they are worth every penney of the vet bills.......
    I saw some of your posts and what nice pics of the family. Looks like yall are having a fun winter with all that snow, making the best of it, I see....good for yall.
    Can tell the grandies are loving it. Nice you can experience it with them.
    Take care sweetie,
    Blessings, nellie

  16. Oh so glad to hear that your sweet pooch is doing okay. Maybe it ate something that didn't agree with his tummy? Well, guess he got it all out of his system.

    Thanks for stopping by! And yes, we DID enjoy our visit to Denver - so pretty!

  17. Glad Hunter is okay. It is scary when they get sick. Enjoy your weekend with your hubby- xo Diana

  18. Hi Noreen, I am just reading now about Hunter not feeling well and I would have done the same thing! It is so worrisome when we don't know why they are sick! So glad he is better! LadyBug often goes under the bed when she is scared or not feeling well. Hope you all have a nice weekend! Xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  19. Oh my goodness how scary! But I'm so glad that Hunter is feeling more like himself now! Phew! It must be going around this week, first me feeling the tummy and icky sickies, then Holly the collie, and poor Hunter! I don't like sharing these types of things! Take care!

  20. So glad that whatever was going on with Hunter was something fairly easily remedied (if not fairly inexpensively). {{{hugs}}}

  21. Our Molly can have those off moments and most of the time I can't figure out what was different...except maybe she ate something outside that didn't settle. I'm always so thankful when she perks up and gets back to her regular eating and ears UP state of being. They do indeed work their way into our hearts.

  22. Catching up after a long thankful that Hunter is much improved. Yes, they have a way of pulling on our heartstrings. I know you were so concerned. A compassionate vet and staff are truly a blessing. Mildred


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