Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Greetings from sunny Colorado,  Again we are experiencing wonderful, spring-like weather and it is so refreshing to be outside walking.  Our day is filling up quickly-you know, with things like taxes, new tires on our old Explorer and one thing I really want to do but not sure we will get it done today, is going to the Apple store to find out about some weird things happening on our new mini IPad.  Things like not touching the pad and yet the curser moving to places by itself, reading a Ibook and having pages turn by themselves etc.  At first I just thought we didn't know how sensitive the pad is but after this morning, trying to do an email and the curser continually changing places-well I was just frustrated.  My hubby has been saying something was wrong since the first week but I finally relented last night and told him he was right.  Hopefully, because it is so new we won't have any problem getting another one; otherwise we send it back to Apple.  I will say I am thankful that we are almost done with our taxes and ready to drop them off at the CPA, also thankful that we can afford new tires and that our old vehicles are still running.  I am thankful that we have an Apple store within a 45 minute drive.
I hope you have a day filled with goodness and thankgiving.
Hugs to you today.  Noreen & Hunter


  1. Ooooo spooky Ipad. Hope it's not ordering things online by itself. Bawhahha. Have a beautiful day. Unless it's a toy for my pal Hunter.

  2. Praying God grants you favor at the Apple store. I'm just about done with our taxes, I've always done them. I started out in Accounting in college and grew up with a CPA so it's kind of in my blood. We are warming up as well...strange. I have a friend who has daffodils popping out of the ground already. That is really strange. Rejoicing with you over much to be thankful for ....and all yet to come!!!!

  3. Hope you figure out what is troubling your I-pad. Soo frustrating sometimes that's for sure. We are overcast and kind of cool and gloomy here today. Enjoy your day!

  4. It's a sunny day here in Illinois, too, with almost spring-like temperatures. We have tickets to tonight's hockey game in St. Louis, so we will run some errands and have dinner in St. Louis before the game. It'll be a nice day to get out and about ... before I freeze in the arena. ha!

    Hope the Apple store people can fix your iPad so you won't have to send it off to Apple for repair.

    I need to get to work on our taxes ... I think we have all the paperwork I'll need, but I'm not in a hurry to get to them.

  5. We are not sure about ipads but other tablets can do that if the screen has a bunch of prints and smudges on it.

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. I have an I pad too and sometimes it would do the same thing you described..someone told me to to completely turn it off and restart..and that's what I did / do ..and it helps....Taxes grrrrrr we always wait..............till the last minute..

  7. Oh wow! I've never heard of that happening! Hope they get it sorted out!
    Spring has hit here, too. It feels like such a GIFT!!!

  8. Mom just takes the dish cloth and wipes it off then polishes it with the dish towel. Let me know if Hunter gets his own ipad.


  9. I have found Ipad are a whole different breed of computer...It took me a while to get used to mine..
    It does sound like yours is doing funny thing...good luck it checked out....

    So glad you are able to enjoy your nice weather..It's been nice here today but who knows what tomorrow will hold...I guess it teaches us to be thankful in the moment....

  10. Wish I could help with the iPad but I don't own one.. I hear you on the taxes. I was so fortunate to have gotten all my tax documents in early January and I should be receiving my refund tomorrow as a matter of fact which is much needed.. So glad you were able to get the new tires..

  11. Oh no.... definitely sounds like something is wrong! Do iPads have mother boards? If it was a desktop, I'd say it was a mother board problem. I think I'd insist on a brand new one... this one might be a forever thorn in your foot. But I'm sure you'll get it resolved.

    Have a wonderful evening, my friend!



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