Monday, February 18, 2013

Play Time

Both Hunter and Lily playing with toys; they are such great companions. Hunter on the right and Lily on the left.

Lily has never played with toys; that was, until her last two visits.  I'm not sure if she is just teasing Hunter with his toys or being playful but she now knows what to do with toys.
On Saturday, Hunter has his last beginning obedience class and graduated; yippee.  I wasn't sure we'd continue but after hearing that the trainer will be focusing on off-lead heeling and also getting the pups ready for the CGC test, I decided that we will move on to the intermediate level. We did learn that while putting Hunter in a "stay", he wouldn't release and come when called. Humm. The trainer figured out what was going on.  He has gotten so used to the release word O.K. and so I now need to say 'O.K. Come' to get him to release.  It was so surprising last night, that showed the trainer was 100% accurate, when Lily was on our bed and Hunter was in the hallway waiting for dad but watching Lily and I.  I told Lily down and Hunter immediately dropped-I was so amazed at his quick response, without the use of treats.  When I told him to Come, he just stayed in his position until I say 'O.K. Come'.  Guess our boy is learning more than I thought.  In class yesterday, he also "stayed" in his down while the trainer's young daughter rode in front of the dogs on a bike. Again, I was very impressed; I knew he wouldn't go towards her but figured he might run the other way.  At the end of class we had play time and I can say that he is very timid around the big dogs; of course if I had a Linebacker, for a football team, running full speed at me, I would hide too-which is about as close a scenario that I can come up with.  All three dogs in the class this week are big-one big Shepherd, a big Lab and a good size mix. He does enjoy the social times when they are on leash but when they are having a game of fast  paced running, he stays hidden. All in all, I am impressed with all he has learned.  
If you are off for President's Day, I hope you have a fantastic day!
Joy to you~Noreen & Hunter


  1. Good morning! Wow, I am totally impressed with all Hunter has learned too. I would love it if our dog Elvis was even half as well trained. But after 11 years, I am thinking it is too late, haha. Enjoy your day Noreen!

  2. Congratulations on Hunter's accomplishment....It sounds like he has done a great job with his training....
    I admire your dedication to his training as it certainly makes life easier when they obey.....

  3. Congrats to Hunter and you, for graduating the first phase! Woohoo! Sounds like he learned a lot!

  4. Way to go Hunter!!! MOM uses th e word OK with me too. She can trow a treat on the ground or across the room and I will not go after it until I hear the magic word, OK. One time she drop a treat on her office floor at church. I sat and waited. Then someone needed her in the sancuary. She left. She was gone for over 20 minutes and (she forgot all about me and the treat) and when she came back there I was sitting still. But there was a big wet spot on the floor from all the drool. hahhahha

  5. Blessings to you!
    I'm off on President's Day and having a great time.

    May your day be great.

    Hunter is a wonderful puppy!
    These creatures are smart,

  6. Wow that is awesome! makes me want to go out and get a dog!!! Hunter is a fast learner!! have a blessed day!!

  7. Sounds like Hunter is a smart boy ... he's learned so much. I can see where those big does would be intimidating to him.

  8. Looks like Hunter has a pretty adorable playmate :)

  9. Woof! Woof! Golden Congrats!!! More Woofs!!! and to you too ... you play an important role to his success. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  10. Yes... their special word. We used to have fun making unusual words mean something, as commands.

    Dog training... such a fun hobby. I wish more people realized that.

    Have a wonderful week, Noreen, with those adorable fur babies!!


  11. I am impressed with all Hunter has learned. We definately need to get my Einstein in some classes. he is getting somewhat better as he settles in. Our pets are such a blessings!

    Blessings & Hugs

  12. I had my GSD in classes and even in a few obeisance shows. Hunter is so cute and it is good he is learning!!! I tried to teach Zoie but I didn't get her early enough. Her bad habits were already set in stone!!
    Thanks for your visit!!

  13. Hi Noreen, I have never taken the girls to classes, but when I adopted LadyBug, she had a certificate that said she had passed an obedience class at PetSmart. I've never had to take any of my dogs to formal classes...we have just trained each other...and they stay right at my heel...and do what I tell them. My husband says I'm the dog whisperer...ha!! So glad that Hunter is responding to his classes and Lily sure is cute! I have not always had bichons...I started with German Shepherds, then a Rotweiller, then another shepherd...then a Newf/Lab mix...and then Chloe and LadyBug. We have gradually gotten smaller!! As my husband says...they are more portable to travel with! Have a great day Noreen! Hugs to Hunter! xo Jeanne


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