Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Unforgettable Weekend

Happy Tuesday dear friends, Boy do I have a story to tell but right now without any photos. As I shared on Thursday, my hubby was coming home from a golf trip and bringing his brother with him. Little did we know we were in for quite a surprise. Friday was just a regular day; Kam and I went to the garage sales and had a fun time with her mom. I didn't buy too much and the day passed quickly and easily. Our plan was that on Saturday evening we were going to our oldest daughter's home for a bbq and celebration of bil's birthday. In the afternoon, our oldest called and said there was a change of plans and we were going out to a restaurant; we were told to dress nicely. When we got there, Carrie told us that the grands wanted us to see how hubby's Father's Day/Birthday present was coming along; it had been top secret for a month at least, and was hidden in the shop. We were blindfolded and led to the shop; I was expecting some wood working project and we really didn't have any idea what it was. We were led into the shop and told to take the blindfold off; can you guess what we saw? Twenty five of our closest friends and family had gathered to celebrate both our birthdays; seven had flown in from California. We were speechless and fighting tears. This birthday was the big 60 for both of us; mine is in March and hubby's in July. We had told the kids and each other we didn't want a big party; I don't like being the center of attention. This party was done to the nine's; the shop was decorated to the hilt-with white lights, candles, music, posters from our lives, tables and of course food. When we saw everyone, initially I thought it was just for hubby until I saw all the photos. Our girls were so scared I would be on Pinterest and see the board they had done. I can't tell you how much fun we had! The appetizers, food and cakes were just like a wedding reception; in fact it felt like that, but we were able to really enjoy ourselves and not worry about all the duties of the hosts. This truly was a highlight of my life and I know hubby's as well. In fact, mid way through hubby got a phone call from his youngest sister and she put his mom on the phone to talk. My mil is in a care facility with Alzheimer's and often doesn't talk or remember who you are. It was so incredible; our girls even had a dear friend of ours and theirs, who is a photographer, come and take photos. The next morning, the girls & their hubbies had rented a limo and had hubby and I plus all the California family driven up to Estes Park and the Rockies for lunch. Such a great brunch plus spending time with loved ones-I just can't tell you how blessed we were and how incredibly touched to have our dear ones fly in from out of state. My brother and sil left shortly after we got back and one other couple had to leave shortly. Our traveling friends and next door neighbors in Ca. had arranged to stay until this afternoon. We have played cards and just had a wonderful time together; it is sad that they have to go home today. Last night, we had fish tacos for dinner and hubby bbq'd the Tilapia; after dinner we noticed our dear little Hunter under the bbq. His little face was covered with the drippings from the bbq and it necessitated a quick bath; I'm so thankful that he is so little, I just plop him in the sink and wash him.
He looks so thin and small here.  He didn't like it too much but when it was over he looked so much better.

He still isn't sure about the hair dryer; he better get used to it since he'll be at the groomers on a regular basis. 
I hope you had a wonderful weekend; I can't wait to get photos to post.
Joy to you~Noreen & Hunter


  1. What a great weekend, and still going!
    You and your hubby are loved!!
    Can't wait to see your pictures.

  2. What a surprise that must have been! How thoughtful and sweet of your girls to plan that ... and wonderful for your dear friends and family together to celebrate your milestone birthdays. Priceless!

  3. What a great surprise for you!! That is great.
    Tell Hunter that the blow dryer can be a good thing. I love the blow dryer. I have MOM blow dry me most every morning while she is getting ready for work.

  4. What a wonderful surprise party for you and your husband!!! I can't wait to see photos!!!!!
    XO Kris

  5. Now that must have been an amazing surprise!!! Happy Birthday to both of you - you have a very wonderful family.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. What a wonderful birthday surprise!! And the best thing was that it was a REAL surprise! Oh, Hunter, I know your pain. I get baths all the time too but mine are in a jetted tub (but the jets are not turned on).

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Oh yes.....we definitely want to see pictures! What a wonderful party for the two of you, and how did they manage to keep it a surprise, what with all the people coming from so far and all! Amazing!

  8. What an incredible surprise. I've often wondered what it would feel like to be blessed like that...now I know.
    Noreen, you and your hubby deserve it! You are so loved and what a worthy way of saying it. I take my hat off to your family for organising it.
    Please post some pics when you get a chance. Would love to see some of it :)
    Hunter is the sweetest little mite, isn't he? Please give him a hug from me.
    Sending lotsaluv and more 'Happy Birthday!' wishes to you both.

  9. Noreen...it was fun to catch up here. Always a lot going on (o: The party sounds like it was amazing...what a great job your daughters did (o:
    Your doggie is so cute. Sounds like you are having fun with him. No more school here and no more babysitting. I will have Grand kids for Grammy Camp. I have not set dates for that yet. When did you say you would like to meet us here?

  10. What special daughters you have and what a special party.....So glad you were honored.....

    Hunter is the cutest dog.....I know you are loving him to pieces....

  11. Noreen, What a wonderful, wonderful thing for your kids to do. It is always such a treat when our kids get it right, isn't it? My kids had a surprise 60th for me, too, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Blessings to you- xo Diana

  12. Oh Noreen what a wonderful, wonderful blessing you got from your girls! I LOVE it. All the thought and details they went to. How loved you are! It made me think of Proverbs 31:28...her children rise up and called her blessed...Can't wait to see the pictures of this happy time. HUGS

  13. Morning Noreen,
    what a sweet blessings from your family. So thoughtful and will like you said be a forever memory of one of the best times of your life.
    and what a blessings to have family and life long friends be able to be there too. Happy Birthday to both of you, and many many wonderful years ahead...........
    Isn't it so wonderful when you are really surprised and have no idea what is going on...........
    Looking forward to seeing all the pictures hon!!

    blessings, Nellie

  14. What an incredible surprise! You are blessed indeed.

  15. What a terrific surprise for you and your husband!!! Isn't it great that your kids did this for you!! Can't wait to see the pictures! Hunter will get used to the dryer...they usually do! Happy Birthday to both of you!!


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