Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hunter's First Week

Good Morning, Hunter here. Mom surprised me this morning by taking my picture, even though I won't get a haircut for another week.  She said somethin about a lady being too busy this week. 
My mom and dad are the nicest pawrents a pup could ever have.  They let me sleep on the bed with them.  Last night I quietly crawled  up on them, while they were sleeping and just curled up on the pillow beside them.  Yep, I'm settling in quiet well and the training of my humans is going well.
Mom has fallen totally head over heals for me; even the vet staff fell in love with me too.  They told mom that I should weight between 10-12 pounds when I'm full grown.  Mom says she wishes I would be a tad bigger, cause she wanted a bigger dog, but after all she is short(or as she says, petite).  I am meeting friends and family and doing pretty well; sometimes I'm just not sure of other dogs but I met a really old Cairn yesterday and wagged my tail at him.  Mom and Dad want me socialized with all sorts of dogs, big and small but they have to remember that the only family I knew were my size and looked just like me-cause it was my mom and dad and brothers. 
Mom says today we are going to Petsma*t to get some new toys and maybe a book-I think that might be something to chew on.  Then we are going to one daughters house to meet their mini-Schnauzer, a little girl. Wonder if I'll like her and play?  This afternoon we are going to the other house that has Lily the dog that looks kinda like me.  Mom really wants me to play her with her.  We'll see.
Happy Paws and Tail Wags to you.
Hunter and Noreen


  1. Oh Hunter...you are just darling! I am so glad your new Pawrents are taking good care of you! I love that you snuck up on the pillow with them in the night. You keep up with training your humans!!! Have fun with the other doggins' today...it is very important to be tolerant with everyone, even if they are different than you!!!!
    Auntie Kris in California

  2. Love the pictures!!!! Don't forget we have piano lessons today... so any time after 2:30. :)

  3. Hi my friend. I LOVE your new little furry guy. What a cutie. I can tell that you love him so much already.

    It was such a delight to stop by and read about Hunter. It put a big smile on my face today.

    Love you,

  4. He is a cutie...just read your email, I think those little hummers can fend off pretty much any bird, it's the cats that cause problems and praying mantis!! Put up a feeder and see what happens. I had a hummer again this a.m. and now have 4 hatched BB :D God is soooo good.

  5. Wow, that Hunter is adorable. I'm not sure we could handle the sleeping on the pillows with us....maybe at our feet in between. So happy for you!

  6. Sooooo cute! What a little sweetie!

  7. Hunter, we think you are so handsomely cut. You don't need a haircut but we guess it will make you even more handsome. You have found yourself one pawesome home.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. You are one blessed pup, Hunter. I think your mommy will take such good care of you, but I must caution about that chewing stuff you're hoping to engage in :)

    By the way, you ARE adorable. Your white coat is rather classy, too, but I hope they don't loose you in this winter's snow flurries.

  9. Oh, you are just sooooo cute!! I bet you have your peeps training in no time!

    Your friend,


  10. Hunter you are a handsome fella. I really like your name. I sure hope you get to like all kinds of dogs, cuz buddy I know they will all like you, I do.

  11. HE is so flipping cute I could just kiss his little face off. Glad the first week is going so well. xo Diana

  12. Hi Sweetie! Love this! Too much fun! I am sooo glad you are having such a good time with Hunter!!! He is a cutie indeed, and I'm sure you will be a fabulous trio!!!

    Love ya lots!
    10 days til the wedding! I'm feeling better, but still on meds!!


  13. Yep, your just about as cute as they come. And being a little guy is ok cause our Willa is tiny and she gets all the "Lap Time" here so there you go.

    Have fun at Petsmart. Its a doggy heaven store.

  14. What a cute little man. I can see he's training you up. Must have been well taught by his parents...did you notice whether they were very bossy with their humans? Joan

  15. Hi Noreen,
    Oh my goodness, Hunter is adorable! such a sweet face!
    So we are here in Kauai staying at the Marriott Kaua'i at Coconut Beach.
    We had a lovely day, saw the light house,stopped by many of the beach's along the way to the wet and dry caves (the road to Hanalei)Tomorrow we are heading to Waimea Canyon and the falls..also the quilt shop. It has been windy but warm. At this moment its raining. Island weather..Kauai is truly a beautiful island and I love it!
    Enjoy your new baby, he really is sweet!
    Aloha Elizabeth

  16. Hi there!!! Oh my goodness, Hunter is just precious!!! What a little sweetie!! Hope things are going well...I meant to send you an email today...I promise I will tomorrow...too much going on I guess! Sounds like the sleeping arrangements are working out well though so that's great!! I can't wait to hear all about Hunter's first shopping trip!!
    xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  17. Oh my goodness, that Hunter is simply adorable! Give him a big, big hug from me!

  18. Too cute...what kind of dog?
    Oh enjoy, enjoy!!!


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