Thursday, May 31, 2012

It can't be Thursday already; this week has really flown by.  I guess when you have wonderful, unexpected guests that visit and I wouldn't change the last week for anything.  Life is getting back to our normal routine; walks with Kam and Lexie, laundry, chores and realizing that I need to focus on teaching Hunter some basic commands so I can progress to obedience training.  I did find yesterday that if I "shs"d him when he barks in the house, he is pretty responsive.  It will be interesting to see if that works on our walks.  Hubby and sil got Missy the cow taken up to the place-sorry I just don't want to say it.  The good thing is that she will be put down quickly and pretty painlessly; the three older grands were there and are all very matter-of-fact.  Carrie and I were a bit sad but this is life. This is why I never could have been a cattle rancher.
Carrie's kids got home and went to horseback riding lessons, their first time; I'm waiting another week or two to go watch-so they are really comfortable. It brings back memories of when my girls were young.
This morning we will go on a walk and then I am going to a friends house, who just moved, to help her unpack. 
I hope your day is fruitful and overflowing with joy.
Noreen & Hunter


  1. I wish I had had times so good with my G-daughter but sadly I didn't. She has made up for that tho as an adult!!! WE are close now!!
    I hate to put an animal to sleep!!!
    Happy really needs to go. She is only enjoying life now when her dad loves on her. She is in so much arthritis pain. Poor baby!!

  2. MOM says let her know how the shushing works out for Hunter. It does not work for me. hehhehhee

  3. I just love hearing about your day to day life Noreen. It is full and blessed...Enjoy your day!

  4. I, too, lived on a farm when I was a child. I used to say, "we ate our pets" but with just our dog, Maggie, now we spoil her as bad as we spoil the grandchildren. She's another member of the family!

  5. I watched the new show called 'Dogs in the City'. I was so in awe of how they did what he told them to. You will have to watch it. Sounds like a great learning experience with the kids and the 'Beef'.

  6. More and more, I'm reminded of the circle of life, and how that circle truly never ends...

    I hope you and Hunter have had an enjoyable day!! THANK YOU for sending the prayers for Sam, they are needed and very much appreciated!!

  7. I can't believe it is Thursday...thoough I am totally off with Monday being a thinking today is Friday.
    And I have not got any blogging done all week! Hopefully I can get on some kind of schedule...soon 8~)
    Take care,

  8. Hi Sweetie! It is crazy that it is Thursday already! What I really can't believe is that May has come and gone. It will be fall before we know it! Soooo weird!

    Glad you're enjoying your new pup, and that you had special friends come for a visit!! Always fun!

    I am hard at work on shop and blog stuff, and trying to get back into a schedule!! In the midst of everything, I have forgotten to share some news with you. Hopefully we'll talk soon!
    Love ya bunches!

  9. So far we don't "shoosh" so Hunter is very good to do that! But we are getting pretty good at our sits!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. I wanted to be Annie Oakley in the worst way as a youngster. Thank God I got over THAT. In truth, I ended up being more like Martha Stewart (without felonies :)

    Family & pets ... what great subjects for story-telling.

  11. It's always fun to have company ... and always nice to get back into our normal routines. I hope you'll show us pictures of your quilt.

  12. It sounds like you are having full and busy days, Noreen. I grew up on a farm and loved it...although I wouldn't want to be there today- I have gotten lazy in my old age.

    Still loving on your Hunter- xo Diana

  13. I love your upbeat attitude. It's so wonderful. Shushing doesn't work around here. I'm glad that it works for you!

    We have learned the realities of cattle farming. Our neighbor raises cattle heffers each summer, and we always buy one to feed the dogs all year long. It's a little tough watching them be carted away. However, I feel good knowing that they've been treated well for their whole lives, and have lived in a gorgeous meadow. I can't know that when I buy unknown beef at the store...

    I hope that your tomorrow is full of joy.


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