Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Puppy Emerges

Yesterday was a splendid day; my bff Kam brought her Aussie down to take a walk with Hunter and I. Hunter had not yet met Lexie or taken a walk so I wasn't sure what to expect. The first greeting was timid on Hunter's part, so I thought I'll just carry him awhile. He had been showing signs of leash pulling/fighting and I didn't want to start off with a negative experience.  However, that quickly changed when we happened to see a neighbor, whom we just met last week, that has a five mos. old Rat Terrier named Jazzie.  While we visited at her fence, the dogs all visited through the wire mesh.  After that, as if Hunter finally figured out he was a dog, he ran after Lexie.  We had a most enjoyable walk, he amazed me and as long as Lexie was in front of him, he was good.  I kept waiting to see if he was getting tired or not and he completed the entire walk.  I did notice though that he was pulling at times and then coughing from his collar, so yesterday at Petsma*t, I got him a shiny blue harness. I've been told, again and again, those are great for walks where you aren't training to heel, and especially good for small dogs. On our way home from the toy store, I stopped at our younger daugther's house so Hunter could see the grands again, get used to them and also to meet Petrol.  Petrol is a Miniature Schnauzer and 8 or 9 mos old; she is very submissive with the other family dog-Samson, probably due to his size(120 lbs).  Samson is the mellowest dog and just a big teddy bear, part Newfie and Lab with some other things thrown in.  Needless to say, Hunter did not meet him yesterday.  It was interesting to watch the interaction between Hunter and Petrol, because Petrol( being the older and wiser of the two pups) immediately became Alpha.  Both grandpups are so used to being in my lap that they want to occupy it when we are together but now that is where Hunter is.  I think it will take a bit longer for these two to become buddies. Petrol is definitely taller than Hunter and lean, Hunter is longer and shorter. 

New toys, oh boy!  This is the second time I've spent a fair amount getting things for the puppy.  He isn't sure what to do with tennis balls, but love his stuffed squeezer toys. I'll try the harness on today's walk.  I also got a Kong so that when we have to crate him, he can have a safe treat.
After a time at home, with him playing and resting, we headed over to Lily's house and pack.  Hunter is definitely warming up to her and was very calm and relaxed with the grands.  I know as the week progresses and we have the dogs together again, they'll be playing in no time.
Last evening though, I wondered if hubby and I had been conned the last few days; we definitely saw his personality emerging.  First, one time outside when he went potty, he lifted his leg; that tells me we should have him neutered sooner than later.  After dinner, hubby had to go to the golf course and Hunter always recognizes the garage door opening and the car.  Well when it did, Hunter started to bark; we haven't heard him bark before so it was a total surprise.  Later on he got really feisty.  It is cute to watch him begin to feel secure and at home but made me realize that I need to walk him daily, if we aren't have play sessions with friends.  A happy dog is an exercised one, is my motto.  The coming days should be a hoot as his personality continues to emerge. 
Have a sun filled day!  Noreen and Hunter


  1. Yes a harness is a good thing. MOM uses one on me if we walk in the neighborhood. But other in the other places we go it's just a leash. Sure sounds like the adventure has just begun and will only bring more and more joy and smiles.

  2. Nice!!! Glad he is settling in so well!!!!

  3. What a blessing it is to you, I'm sure, to see Hunter settle in and feel at home with you guys. I'm enjoying following along with you as you all adjust to being a family of 3 again.

  4. Want to know what my Mollie the Molinator (aka: Yorkie) does when I TRY and put a harness on her?????

    She lays down. The little fatty-watty won't budge. When I try and get her to GET UP she rolls over on her back and cries.

    I'm NOT kidding.

    Can you say S*P*O*I*L*E*D????

    I'm taking her to obedience school this summer. You'd think she was the human and I WAS THE DOG!

    It's shameful! :(

    :) :) :)


  5. I like the martingale collars myself - dogs can't back out of them and it teaches them to walk on a loose leash. When my dog starts pulling I just stop - wait for her to turn her attention to me and then we immediately start walking again - she learns quickly that pulling means the walk stops. Sometimes I will have to redirect her by turning in a circle with her and then we start off again. Helps her focus on me and my pace instead of all the neat smells and sights!

  6. So precious!... wishing you a very Happy Mothers Day my friend, xoxo Julie Marie

  7. LOL- What fun you are having with those two "babies". Always gotta have one alpha dog calling all the shots. I bet you are enjoying each and every step of this journey with Hunter. xo Diana

  8. I wear a little blue vest when I go for walks (mesh harness). Stanley likes his but I like to be naked so I act crazy for the first couple of minutes. Mom said when I get bigger she might get a "no-pull" harness for me. I don't pull too much unless Stanley is in front and then I pull like crazy. I tried to stop but something comes over me and I lose control.

    When Stanley and me first came to live with mom and dad, we just played it cool for the first little bit so I bet Hunter is doing that too. Once he settles in you will be surprised because he will share all his secrets with you!

    Your friend,


  9. It is fun to watch their personality come out. Enjoy!!!!

  10. He's cute! I know that you are eating this up with a big spoon!
    I'm glad he is adjusting. He just needed specialTLC from you.
    Hugs for you and Hunter!
    p.s.- Thanks for your email. You're fine,my friend. I'm just laying it out before the Lord :)


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