Friday, May 25, 2012


Happy Friday Friends~I'm so happy to have my man home again; I mean guys need their "guy time" as much as we need our "girl time" but seriously, I always love it when he's back home. Both daughters families came over last night and the grands were just as excited to see him as I was, of course so were the girls and sils.
I know I wasn't planning on taking any more pics of the birds, but I just couldn't resist seeing how big they are.  They appear to be ready to fly, their wings look ready.  Oh the mess they've made of my pretty welcome basket; thankfully it is made of metal and a little water and cleanser will clean it off. 
I'm off this morning to go to garage sales while hubby and his brother change the brakes on his car. 
Hunter was so glad to see hubby and was fine with hubby's brother; although the grands were a bit overwhelming for him, so I put him in his crate for a little bit. I hope you have a wonderful day and if you have to work, the time flies by.
Blessings, Noreen & Hunter


  1. It's nice to get time away and wonderful to return glad your family had a happy reunion last night....Have fun today and I hope you find lots of treasures....

  2. Glad your fella is home. Mine will be gone on business next week, and I too do enjoy a bit of me time, but miss him when he is gone!!
    The birds look ready to fly. So fun. But messy, yes!!!
    Hope you found some bargains!
    XO Kris

  3. I sometimes find my grands overwhelming so please tell Hunter he's not alone. Seriously though...I'm glad that he's home and that the family celebrated as well. Have a lovely weekend. Joan

  4. Glad for you 8~)
    Hope you found some things out "saleing".
    I have yet to get out to the garage sales...but I plan to. 8~)
    Take care,

  5. Have a wonderful weekend. We may need more photographs of Hunter soon.

  6. Visiting you from Julie Marie's blog.
    What adorable birdies! How sweet that
    they chose to make their home with you!
    Pleased to meet you, I'm following along.

  7. What sweet little babies-we just found some here,too. I hope you had a good time at garage sales-and that hubby and bil got the car work done. I hope you have a wonderful Memorial day- xo Diana


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