Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Monday

Hunter here saying hi to all of you. Mom has been following me around this morning with this black box trying to get pics of me and I don't like it! She even tried bribing me with a treat, which is why this pic looks so funny-I was staring at the goodie. She says I need to get used to having my picture taken, whatever that means.
Mom and Dad got me this cool name tag yesterday-isn't it just the best.  Both my tags so hang pretty low but they say as I grow it will be better. 
We had a fun weekend, I loved going to our friends house for dinner.  They have an old guy, mom says he is a Cairn, and he doesn't play much but I like him.  The bestest thing was that his mom brought out all his old toys that he doesn't play with anymore and I got to play with them all.  There yard is pretty neat too-it has low fences that I can look through.  I was inside and some big kid came onto their deck and I started barking at him; that surprised everyone but he isn't in their pack and I was just defending their turf.  I went on a nice walk yesterday with Mom and Dad and Dad was so impressed at how well I'm doing.  But, you're not going to believe this, a big brown poodle came running out of a garage and nipped me twice on the nose.  Mom was trying to block him and dad was pushing him away; we did not think that was nice at all.  I didn't have any marks but mom was not to happy with the dogs owner.  Mom says not to let it worry me about future walks. 
Well, the other thing is I'm having horrible itching; mom says it's some sort of allergy, so she is going to get some other kibble today for me.  I'm scratching a lot and they think I must feel bad too.  I just hope it isn't to grass, wouldn't that be horrible.  Have fun romping and playing today.
Paws and enjoy the day.  Hunter and Noreen


  1. That sounds like a pretty good weekend for you Hunter, except the nipping dog. Bad dog to him and more so to his owner.
    If you have allergies have your mom try this, it works real good. Raw honey. That's right honey. Not the stuff that comes in those little plastic bears. It has to be the raw kind. Just put some on your kibble. Here is a web site to tell your mom all about it.
    My friend Belle has allergies and it works real good for her, so much so that she does not have to take medication for her allergies.
    Oh and get use to the flashy box thing, you will see it A LOT.

  2. Oh my, Hunter ... I'm glad you're ok after your run-in with that mean poodle.

    It sounds like you're mom and dad are taking good care of you. Have a wonderful day today ... and give your mom a wag of the tail and a kiss!

  3. Cute, cute, cute...enjoy, enjoy your new little what kind of dog is he?

  4. Too funny. I carry a wacking stick with me to fend off loose dogs. Hope you find it is a food allergy not grass. Hunter is a cutie! Hope you have a great week!

  5. Oh Noreen.....Hunter is absolutely adorable!!!!!! I want one!!! Please give Hunter a big hug from me....He wrote such a wonderful post! :))

    Happy belated Mothers Day and have a wonderful week!



  6. That wasn't very nice of that poodle at all.. Hope he learns to treat you nicer.

    Hope you can get to the bottom of those itches. No fun atall.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. That dog nipped you on your nose!!! That makes us and our peeps very unhappy because we all have little patience for irresponsible pet owners. We run into the on our walks too. Is your nose OK now? We are all very young and impressionable too! But we are glad you had a good time visiting with new friends and got to play with the toys!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Loved catching up here.. all the puppy news!!! So cute. Not sure you should stand in front of an attacking dog. Very careful.
    LOVED your new baby boy news!!!

  9. boy a nose bite and itchy's. Your too cute to have those problems. Please give Hunter a hug from me.


  10. Hi there Noreen and Hunter!! So sorry to hear that you are still itching...that's not good...You can check out some foods here:

    That also was not very nice of that other dog to nip at you!! Glad you are getting all social though! Yeah...get used to the black will be seeing alot of it! xoxo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  11. Hunter, you cute thing, you!!! Hope your Mom gets to the bottom of the itching. Ducey has allergies and itches all the time, and we have never found a cure!!!
    Be good!!!

  12. Hi Hunter, so happy to meet you!! Sorry about the dog that bite your noise! Not nice at all--I guess he doesn't want to be friends!!
    Zoie and I want to be your friend!! And guess what, Zoie doesn't like the camera box either and it is hard to get good photos of her too!!! Welcome Hunter!!

  13. That is one precocious pup!

    I have allergies to dogs & cats - scratches, nips, even their fur cause my eyes to itch/swell & asthma to set in. Thank goodness for Zyrtec.



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