Thursday, May 3, 2012

Puppy Love

It's Thankful Thursday and today I want to share what has made me so filled with gratitude today.  The other day, I asked you  all to guess what type of puppy we were getting-here is the answer.  The little male on the left side, with his paw up, is hopefully coming home with us tomorrow.  He is a Bichon; I know, I had been seriously looking at Poodles and Cavachon's but I connected with a breeder and this seemed like a good fit.  Our daughter has a Bichon-poo and so I am pretty familiar with the breed.  The temperament for these fluff balls is sweet and very social; they get along with other dogs and children. Having nine grandchildren, of various ages, around on a regular basis means we need a dog that loves children and won't knock them over.  In the past, many of our dogs were not socialized properly and either had dog issues or kid issues, so I'm hoping this little guy will make life easier in this area.  He is four months old, that is his father next to him.  While I have already adopted him, in my heart, until he is in the car with us and on the way home, I realize we could walk away if something seems wrong.  I also know our daughter's dog Lily will probably be over alot more because Bichon's love company.
My hubby is so happy to be getting a dog that doesn't shed and is so happy.
Go enjoy your day today; remember life is good.


  1. He is a cutie. I know I secretly hoped for a big dog (but I am bias.) I hope all works out and he comes home with you. Looking forward to meeting the little guy.

  2. Wow...congratulations!!!
    I had fun catching up and seeing the beautiful Hawaii pictures. Baby Monk cool is that (o:
    I am sure we will hear more about the new puppy. Have fun (o:

  3. I am so glad that you have made your choice. He looks adorable. I know nothing about that breed but will google it to find out. My how my knowledge is broadening all the time since starting blogging! Joan

  4. Oh, we can see why you are in love:) what an adorable boy. Mom was picking up the boy twin at a friend's yesterday and they had bichon/lhasa combo that was only 8 weeks old. Mom had to bite her tongue because they got her when she was only 6 weeks old. But instead she tried to give the mom some good tips about socializing the pup and some training hints. She was just adorable too.

    We can't wait to really meet your little boy and find out more about him. All the best for your upcoming meeting.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Noreen- OH! IS HE CUTE!!!! I hope you get him home soon! Do you have a name picked out? He is just darling- xo Diana

  6. Oh my goodness how darling is he? Hope it all works out as you plan. I have never heard of this breed....sure is cute.

  7. {Sigh!}
    Keep us posted on this very important event. He will be one very lucky dog!

  8. Well, I sure have heard of the breed!! I am OVER the MOON excited for you!!! How wonderful that you and your husband have chosen to share your hearts and your home with a bichon! I am here for whatever questions may come up and I'm sure that the breeder will also be able to help! Congratulations!! just get him home and get him all acquainted with his new toys and his new parents and his "stuff"!! I bet your daughter's little one will be thrilled too! xo

  9. I missed this post somehow Noreen, but I was thinking Bichon would be a perfect breed for you!!!! Happy, happy. He is a cutie pie!!!


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