Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Wednesday to you.   How has your week been?  Mine is going fast and there is a scurry of activity here . Yesterday was a great day but I wore our little pup out; we had a wonderful walk in the morning and I can say that Lexie is a great teacher.  She never gets fearful or too excited and keeps walking when my Hunter would rather just put the brakes on; this in turn keeps him walking on as I say.
After we got home, I went grocery shopping and stopped at a little pet store; what a find!  The owner had the best deals on chews and toys as well as carrying a variety of good foods;so much cheaper than Pets*art.  She is a rancher and has owned Aussie's and Border Collies for many, many years. You've probably been around this type of personality-she talked my ear off.  I finally purchased the Lamb's ear(actually I think it is just skin) and a chewy stick all for $2.00; I was afraid one frozen food item in my trunk was going to melt.  After lunch, my oldest & her gang came over with Lily to have some play time.  The dogs ran around the yard and then we decided to go to the lake about 4 blocks away; it turned out the wind was picking up and we didn't want sand in our eyes so went on another walk. It was a leisurely walk but at one point I put Hunter in the stroller with Miss A because he was getting tired.  He looked so cute riding with her!  She is used to this because Lily sometimes will ride in the stroller with her.  After jumping off, he made it home but not without a few times of laying down in the shade.  He sure crashed all night though-yes, he slept until 7:00 a.m. this morning.  I, on the other hand, did not get to sleep until after 12:30; I did not want to get up this morning.  Today is another full day-a walk first thing and then Kam and I are going by an estate sale that was held last weekend but they still have things available, at a hugely reduced price.  When I get home I've got to do some housecleaning and may go out to our oldest daughter's home so the pups can play.  As you see, Hunter is doing well socially with dogs; he is still a bit uncertain about the grands but hopefully that will continue to get better as well.   I'm so happy because we didn't have any ant issues this morning...yeah!
So what'd you A.I. fans think about last night?  For the first time, I voted online.  I loved Jessica's rendition of Whitney's song but I didn't care for the song she picked to record.  On the other hand, I loved Philip's last song-the one he choose if he wins.  It fit his voice perfectly and I would probably download it.
It's cooler here today so I think I'll be wearing jeans for my walk. 
Hugs, Noreen & Hunter


  1. Noreen, I have loved going back to read all your posts
    and I am loving Hunter......He is gorgeous and I am so glad he has you for a mom.....A match made in heaven....

    Hugs, Nancy

  2. Oh darn. I was hoping for a picture of Hunter in the stroller with your granddaughter!!!! What a sight that must have been! I am hoping for Phil to win tonight on American Idol. Although Jessica does have a beautiful voice.
    Have a great day!

  3. Sounds like Hunter is having lots of fun getting socialized and going on walks! Our grand peeps are getting more and more used to us. They have photos of us in their bedrooms so mom thinks that helped. We are so friendly that we like everybody but mom says we have to stop jumping or they might not love us!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Good morning! Don't ya just love finding a new spot with GREAT prices? Sounds like you had a good day....I think Phillip was destined to win pretty much no matter what Jessica did, and I will be surprised if he doesn't. I really liked his last song too. Jessica's voice is beautiful, but she just doesn't have the same appeal to everyone that Phillip does. I missed Joshua last night...Hope you have another good day!

  5. I too would have loved to have seen Hunter in the stroller with your granddaughter! Too cute!

    I hate the nights when I cannot fall asleep quickly/easily. Hope you have a good night's sleep tonight.

  6. Hi! Noreen, wow~ sounds good all the fun!you're having! I just love to create things to go and do! As I said most of my evenings are spent @ a baseball field watching the grands! It already has been hot here in Texas! but with all the rain we've had has finally filled up our lakes and ponds! but we are already praying for rain! Have a great Memorial Day wk~end!

  7. I'm so glad that HUnter is proving himself to be a bright and friendly you pup! All this are going to have such a slimline silouette! Joan
    PS I would love to see a picture of Hunter in the stroller!

  8. Noreen, your day sounds perfectly delightful and fun!! I'm sure it ended on a good note, and I am sure that tomorrow, will be the same!!

    Your little boy is so, so sweet and I'm glad he's doing well!

  9. What a fun day- I love you boy, Hunter, more everytime I read about him. You are certainly getting your exercise in and that is a good thing.

    Hope you had a wonderful evening, too! xo Diana

  10. Your next purchase can be a stroller JUST for Hunter!! Chloe has the Happy Trails version in pink!! She absolutely loves it! It has come in so handy if we are at a picnic where there are many little ones running around making her nervous...she just hangs out in her stroller happy as can be to just watch!

  11. Opphs I haven't seen Idol yet so I couldn't read the last part of your post :)

    Re: my roses...I am very blessed to live in a hot dry climate that requires very little fuss to grow roses. All I have done thus far is prune them. No spraying or even rose food this year. They take my heat better then most flowering plants do. So it is my easy out for flowers all summer.

    My life is a buzz right now too with lots of life, as I am typing this I am enjoying your great encouraging =)

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