Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Friday to you.  I so remember how much I loved Fridays, as a child and even into my working years.  I couldn't wait to have a relaxed weekend, especially when the weather was warm. Now that we are retired, every day is like a weekend; although there are weeks when we are busier than when we worked-it's just spread out more.
Yesterday afternoon, hubby and Hunter and I went out to our oldest daughter's  home so hubby could frame out a door in the grandkids fort-let me tell you it is a pretty nice fort.  Today we are going back out and I'll take the camera so I can get some pics of it.  Hunter played with Lilly, their Bichonpo, as well; they had a great game of tag and it was wonderful to see Hunter actually playing with her.  You may recall that we want the dogs to get along so we can all trade dogsitting.  We are going back over around lunch today and hopefully it will be another great playtime.  We do need to start letting Kim's dog, Petrol, meeting Hunter.  They met briefly but didn't really get play time.  I'm hoping to go on a walk with the entire group today and that might break the ice between the dogs.  The thing is that both Lily and Petrol know me as their "nana" and expect to always be with me when I'm around and now they have to get used to another pup having my lap.  Just like kids I tell you.
Tomorrow hubby leaves for his annual golf trip; he'll be gone for six days and return home with his brother.  This is the week that I usually go nuts with plants and yard decorations but I'm not thinking I'll go nuts this year, after all I've spent a good amount of toys for Hunter.  We also got a date to have him neutered in a couple of weeks-so that cost is in the back of my mind.  Of course, if I happen to find a birdbath(at a reasonable price-like a garage sale)then I will probably pick it up.  I may also get a couple of six-packs of plants for containers; I just don't feel like going crazy this year.  I got three new books at the library yesterday so know I'll stay busy reading and playing with Hunter, as well as visiting you all.
I hope you had a weekend filled with smiles and giggles. 
Noreen & Hunter


  1. Good to hear that Hunter is getting into playing with friends. I'm sure with Hunter and books there won't be much time for a big outdoor project. Have a fabulous weekend.

  2. Hunter is such a cutie! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. You are so right Noreen, when you don't have much income you find yourself thanking God many times a day for little things like the wonderful water we get from our well. Good weather, the sun and a fresh herb from the garden!! I could go on and on but you know what I mean!!

  4. Wow, what a great house for kids to play, and puppers too!!! So nice to be near your kids and grands so that you can be a part of their everday life!!
    Hugs and happy weekend Noreen.


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