Wednesday, July 8, 2009

When we were in California, I got a couple of chances to go shopping and these are some treasures I found. The two metal baskets were only about $10. each and such great finds; they will either be used in the space above our kitchen cabinets or outside to hold potted flowers.
I was also on a quest for fabric for several projects and found it. The green and purple I bought as potential backing for a quilt I just finished. Since I didn't take the top along with me I had to guess-it will definitely be the green as there are already too many purples in the quilt top, but I know that I will eventually use the purple for something else.

I've mentioned before that our number 1 daughter is expecting in December. My stash is filled with lots and lots of girl fabric but my supply of boy fabric is limited but not anymore. I had to buy two different theme prints so my daughter could choose which one she liked best. I have to say that the one I choose was the one she liked the most.

This is our favorite theme fabric; I'm not sure what pattern I will use yet but we love the old-fashioned look of the fabric-brothers playing together. Somehow it reminded me of Huck Finn.
Once we get moved and unpacked I will definitely have to begin this new project.
Today is the day daughter has her ultrasound and we can't wait to hear what we already suspect-that there will be another boy in our family.
Have a good day!


  1. I love this fabric as well! Great choice.

  2. Love the fabric. I wonder if you might get a surprise there friend. Can't wait to hear what she is having.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. Wouldn't it be nice if you were really surprised today when she calls and says, "It's a girl." Especially since you have a lot of girl fabric. But either way I'm sure you'll have a fun time sewing for the new grandbaby! Love the baskets! Enjoy your day and let us know!!

  4. The ultrasound of our oldest grandson kept saying Granddaughter. Guess what? She was a he all along!


  5. Looks like some great finds. You will be busy quilting. Liked your post about music. We always listened to Psalty too. Every year we had a musical for the kids to be in. That was great fun (o:

  6. Love the baskets and the fabric especially the Huckleberry Finn print - love the retro thing. I like the rain and since we have been so dry for so long it is a welcome change. My garden on the other hand could use a few more days of this warmth. I will be more than happy to hug the kid for you.


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