Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday My Guys!

Six years ago today my husband was given the most incredible gift ever, and it wasn't from me. Our oldest daughter presented my beloved hubby with a grandson; our first grandson was named after hubby and "Mr.B"as we call him was born on hubby's birthday.
What can I say except I love them both so very much. Hubby has always been and will always be the love of my life and our grandson brings us such joy. In many ways he shares heart interests with me; something that brings me endless happiness and smiles. He is full of life, loves animals and loves music. He is one of the most affectionate little boys I have ever seen; he wears his heart on his sleeve and freely bestows hugs and kisses to this nana. I know with age that may change but I honestly think he'll always be a hugger. Now that he is getting older music may take a back seat to his love of animals but it is still there. I can't wait until his entire family are settled out on their land and he has ample opportunity to observe wildlife and nature. He has a quick wit and loves adventure especially if it involves his dad and big brother. My dear hubby is such an incredible grandpa and loves spending time with the boys creating things with wood. These two guys bless me continually and I am so grateful to the Lord for them.
So to both of you, may you experience joy and happiness this year and continue to have many years of working together.

I love you both more than words can say! Be blessed.

photo: this last year


  1. Good Morning, friend!
    What a great pic of your two guys!
    Happy Birthday wishes to them!

    I get a strong sense of the depth of your love for them, and your admiration for who they both are! What a blessing!

    Have a joyful day!
    Love you,

  2. Happy BD to your boys. Nice hot weather for them (o: I have not been seeing you at my place. I always look for you and enjoy your comments (o:
    When you are down this way (or want to make a trip) maybe we can have coffee on main street in Longmont. It would have to be a Mon. or tues. for me.

  3. Great picture and birthday tribute...

  4. Happy Birthday to these two special ones in your life! What a sweet picture!

    Have a blessed day and weekend!

  5. Noreen,
    I hope they have a great birthday! I know you are a blessing to them :)
    You are such a sweet & dear friend to me and I count a blessing fom the Lord!
    p.s.-- just to let you know I posted some pictures

  6. What a sweet picture! Happy Birthday to them both!! It's so wonderful they have a close relationship.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Happy Birthday to both your *special guys* :o)

  8. Happy birthday to your guys!!! Have a great weekend.


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