Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In the midst of all our chaos, I wanted to take a moment and let you faithful prayer warriors know that I haven't had any update on Cindy yet. If you would like to follow her blog, please see last Wednesday's post with a link to her site. Again, thank you so much for joining so many believers around the world yesterday taking her before the Throne.

Also, if my posts are sparse it is because I recently uploaded an upgrade of Mozilla and ever since my system crashes when I'm online for more than 5 minutes. It appears to be a problem for many; thus I need to wait to use hubby's laptop(he uses I.E.) when he's finished. Hopefully Mozilla will resolve this problem quickly.

Until I am on again may the Lord richly bless you and yours with His grace and love.



  1. Hope you get that computer problem all worked out. It can be so annoying.

  2. Hope your computer gets worked out soon. Thinking of you often. I firmly believe God is doing something BIG!! Hugs and love

  3. Us and our 'puter problems!! Ours is so very sick!! Hope it will be back up by the weekend!!

    Love ya, gal! I'll email ya!

  4. Hope the computer problems are worked out soon. Will continue to pray.

    I have never been to Bruce's, but my husband goes - it is a destination motorcycle ride. I live at the north edge of the metro area so I'm not too far away from you (or smiling grammy). My sister lives in Loveland so we are up in the area often.


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