Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Madness

In the midst of helping our oldest daughter and her family move to a brand new home in the country, packing up all of our belongings so we can move to our home that daughter had been in my dear hubby has been spending his last little bit of energy refinishing our antique dining room set that was my parents. The picture on the left is circa 1990 and the set had never been refinished so it was really needed. The picture on the left is the chair refinished with new upholstery that I got a great deal on; if I decide I don't like it I won't feel too bad. Hubby has finished the legs to the table and will begin the top of the table sometime when he has a bit of time and is tired of packing.
On a side note~you know you live in the country when you drive past the oldest and only tavern in town and see old trucks, new vehicles, motorcycles and guess what else-a beautiful horse tied up. We haven't tried this place yet and I doubt I will because they specialize in Rocky Mountain Oysters....yuck!!!!
On a very important note for those fasting today for Cindy, may our Lord richly bless you more than you could possibly imagine. If you aren't aware of this please see last Wednesday's post.


  1. What gorgeous chairs. I love the new upholstery. The detail to the chair is so pretty. Good luck with your move. Hugs, Marty

  2. Nice job on the chair! Enjoy your week and the continue help for your daughter!

  3. The new fabric & refinishing of the chair looks fabulous, Noreen! I would love to learn how. I have some antiques; mostly my grandmother's (like her cedar chest). Perhaps you could share any tips on your blog--'hint'.
    I am sharing in joy, Noreen, of your daughter's moving and your moving into your new home :)
    p.s.--I heard of those while living in CO--yuck is right! I would go there either to try.

  4. Oh absolutely beautiful. Love the tapestry fabric. The detailing on the chair is so pretty. Really accents the back. Love this post. Have a wonderful Monday, and enjoy your new neighborhood. Check out that tavern anyway, sometimes they surprise you with what they actually have to offer. Country Hugs, Sherry

  5. I love the chair! It's beautiful and the new upholstery makes such a wonderful difference. Have a great week.

  6. Noreen, I like the chair. Oh I see marty39 commented. Did you know that I met her last Thursday? Seven of us AZ bloggers got together for lunch and had a great time! I wish you lived here and could have come too.

    It sounds kind of nice to be in the country. I'm in a city so it's so different. Hmm ... maybe our next place to live? More country atmosphere. I often thought I'd love to live in the fictional town like the Mitford Series books.

    Thank you for your email. Did you receive mine? No pressure.

  7. Oh, Country Wings in Phoenix was also at our get together. I only saw her comment after I submitted mine.

  8. The chair is very beautiful. Lots of work I am sure. The moving business sounds like it is moving right along (o: How close will they be to you?

  9. I know the place! My husband likes to go there just for the Rocky Mountain Oysters. I have eaten them but will not go out of my way for them.
    I like the fabric.
    Praying for your strength to hold out for the move - it is so tiring - no matter how far you have to move.

  10. The chair came out beautiful! Your husban did a wonderful job. Hope the rest of moving goes well!

  11. Hi Noreen,
    Wow, your husband really did a nice job on the chairs, they are really beautiful. They will look so nice in your new home. I am so
    excited to see how our fasting and praying turned out. It was a special time and sure hope we hear good news soon about Cindy's condition. Thanks for sharing that information with us, so we could be a part of it.
    Hoping to get your cards off by Wednesday or Thursday, sorry I am running late, ran into a few snags.
    Blessings, Nellie

  12. Hi Noreen,
    Love what you did with the chair, and the fabric is so pretty! i know you are getting more and more excited each day. I am so looking forward to all that you are going to be sharing.:)
    Praying Cindy has good news!


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