Friday, May 15, 2009

Springtime Maladies

When I was a child I used to have severe topical allergic reactions to Mosquito bites. The bite area would swell the size of a nickle or as big as a half-dollar depending on how much I would scratch it. Those pests would even bite through my clothes. I remember scratching the bites just to make them bleed so they would stop itching. Somewhere along the line my mom talked to a pharmacist about taking a B vitamin-either B11 or B12 because it gives off an odor from the skin that mosquitoes don't like. Years passed and my reactions became less; I don't like using bug repellent but if I'm camping I would. This year I'm experiencing the same reactions again; don't know what has changed in my chemistry or if it is these Colorado bugs know I'm a newbie but I'm getting bit just by being outside for a minute or two. Do any of my bloggy friends know what I can do to make myself less appealing to these bugs? I could easily where a long sleeved shirt and pants but that isn't always the thought that pops into my head.

Dear hubby leaves today for a five day golf trip and I had all sorts of wonderful things planned but alas I feel a cold coming on so I may just be taking it easy while he's gone.
Have a wonderful weekend friends and enjoy life.


  1. I don't have any remedies for you. Both C & J have severe reactions to mosquito bites. We use Calamine lotion on the bite so that they don't scratch and when they are outside, we've had to resort to bug spray. C is the worse. It often looks like a bruise before it's gone.

    Have a wonderful day my friend.

  2. I have an allergy to something in the spray on repellent so have tried many things. 5 or 6 years ago I found an ultra sonic type device at Costco that clipped onto your belt that I found pretty effective, unfortunately it was misplaced and I have not found a replacement. I did just see an advertisement for an OFF product that clips on - it isn't ultra sonic but thought I might try it.

    I have been using Avon Skin So Soft which is pretty good - I just don't like the oily feel when I am dressed up. They now make a Skin So Soft bug spray but have not tried that. Burt's Bees makes a natural spray but I can't stand the smell.

    Please be careful because of the West Nile virus. Hope this helps and that you feel better.

  3. Yes, mosquitos we do have! They always try to scare you to death with all the West Nile stuff, so I do use bug spray. Avon Skin so Soft is suppose to work, but I don't like the smell of it. Good luck. I will have to read the comments here for advice.

  4. Hope your cold didn't worsen and that you managed to get your needed Monday errands done before dinner at your daughter's :o)



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