Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Little Blessing

Yesterday I went out to a girlfriend's house to help her pack for a move into her home that she and hubby just built. We were cleaning the basement when all of the sudden another friend spotted this baby bunny in the window well. She was able to retrieve him and then one of the sons decided to take it out to the field so hopefully mommy bunny can find him or at least he can get some water from the tall grasses. Isn't he just a cute little thing! I love wildlife of all sorts and this little guy brought a smile to my face.


  1. We have tons of little rabbits living in our back yard. They are adorable to look at! We also have a family of mice living under our shed which are not too nice to look at! Thanks for visiting. I read all the entries on your blog and think the lake that you live near is beautiful!!!

  2. Hi Noreen,
    I love wildlife too and am always wanting a happy ending for them, with the exception of the coyotes and foxes that are consuming my guineas and chickens. lol.
    It is so good to be able to visit again, I have so missed everyone.

  3. Hi Sweetie!! How are you today? What a sweet little creature!! They just delight me every time I see one!! Such cute little faces. My Papa Sammy used to raise rabbits, and we would SO look forward to playing with them when we visited. One Easter he came in quietly while the six of us were sleeping and put bunnies on top of each of us. Such fun!!

    Blessings to you today!! Hope it is a joyful one for you!!

    Love ya,

  4. oh he's so cute! I'm glad your friend is returning him to the wild.

  5. very cute! You share some of the most adorable pictures....

  6. Awe so cute. I hope he finds his mommy or his mommy finds him.

  7. Bunnies are so cute. We have had them in the window well too. We even had a baby raccoon in ours. The Humane Society said to leave it for awhile and the mother would probably come after it. Sure enough it was gone a little later.

  8. What a cute little bunny - hope it finds its way home

  9. What a sweet bunnny. I hope he finds his mom.


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