Friday, May 8, 2009

My Second Mother

Dee, our brother and myself-1999

Easter 2005-again myself, Dee with our brother

When my mother found out she was pregnant with me she wondered "how can this be~for I am too old" and had long since given up the thought of any more children. My sister was 13 when I was born and so naturally she was given much responsibility for my care and nurturing. When she moved out to go to college I vividly remember running down the street crying and begging her to take me too. While in my teens and early college years, achieving all that she had accomplished became my mission. When I got married she was the last to walk down the isle before the bridal party and sat in the place delegated to the brides mother. So much of our lives were intertwined and I adored her. When she moved to a town to be closer to my family our relationship developed on a deeper level and sometimes our roles switched. Dee had more impact on my life than most sisters and she held the role of mother in more ways than one. In 1998 she was diagnosed with a late stage Ovarian cancer; she went on a mission to research and encourage others battling this disease. She fought a valiant battle for 8 long years, enduring three or four surgeries and many rounds of chemo. It was on Valentine's Day 2005 that we found out her battle was near the end; no more surgeries, her heart being weakened from chemo could not withstand more either. I was blessed to be with her her last seven months, blessed to be at her side her last days and the moments she took her last breathe. She was more courageous than I could ever imagine and the last months of her life were probably the sweetest. I miss her terribly for she was my chief defender, encourager and best friend. It is not surprising then that at times I swear she is near me~sometimes when I laugh I sound just like she did and when I try on new glasses I look just like she did. I never had a close relationship with my mom but I had one in my second mom-my sister. So this Sunday when others think about their own mother's I will be thinking about my beloved sister. Every time I look at her little old dog we adopted when she went home to Glory, I think about her.
Today and everyday take time to thank your mom, not just this Sunday.
Happy Mother's Day!
Be blessed.


  1. That was much love between the two of you and I know how you miss her so. She was amazing, unique, a true defender, spunky, and brought live and laughter to all!
    Love ya Mom!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your sister. I have 2 sisters that are 12 and 11 years older than I am and grew up with 2 second mothers. I am lucky to still have them. Happy Mother's Day.

  3. That was such a sweet tribute to your sister. I hope you have a truly blessed and Happy Mother's Day, Noreen.

  4. What a wonderful post. Such precious memories. What a blessing to have had such a beautiful sister and mentor. Hugs..

  5. What a beautiful post about your sister. What a blessing it was to have her in your life. That wind today is annoying. Just a little cold and makes it hard to want to do yard work (o: Have you read mu post 'Ryan's Mom' ? Thanks for sharing your story about you and your sister.

  6. Lovely story Noreen, happy mother's day to you too, thank you for your prayers :-)

  7. With tears in our eyes we both read your wonderful tribute to Dee. She was one lucky lady to have such a wonderful little sister...and so are we!!!!
    Happy Mother's Day

  8. A very loving tribute to your sister. I pray you have a lovely Mother's Day.

  9. Noreen,
    Hope you have a blessed Mother's Day and please tell your girls that I pray the same for them.

  10. Good Morning, Noreeen,
    I am deeply touched by this, what a wonderful sister-mom ,Dee was. I am so glad you have all these wonderful memories.

    I was 13 when my brother was born, and had many responsibilities helping with his care,therefore we developed a strong bond. I am so thankful for that too. This was such a heartfelt post , thank you for sharing. Blessings,

  11. What a beautiful tribute to your dear sister!

    It helped me to learn about her and your life a little more!

    I am so thankful that my mother is still alive even though a couple of thousand miles away ~ I had a wonderful time with her during the month of April.



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