Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Bike Ride

Yesterday hubby and I decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and go for a bike ride. We are blessed to have paved trails near our home that connect three towns. We checked our air pressure for our tires and filled our water bottles and set off. I have to tell you that we had a leisurely ride and had a very relaxed pace. About a quarter of the way we noticed a cow on the trail, next to her pasture. We didn't see a gate and didn't know how she got there but were concerned that she might wander up to the road so my husband, my hero, held the barbed wire fence and got her back through to the other side. Actually she was trying to get away from us, as this silly woman talked to her about going back to her friends. She finally jumped through and ran off to be with the herd. We continued on our way but the whole time all I could think was "My Husband Rocks". We saw a lot of birds, two eagles nests and also a Muskrat swimming with a snake in his mouth. Of course we didn't have the camera as I worry about dropping it and ruining the new lens. So next time we ride we will have that with us as well as binoculars. This nana is out of shape and a bit heavier than I'd like so I'm hoping to get into shape and ride it on a regular basis. What is amazing to me is that we rode approximately 14 miles round trip-how's that for exercise.


  1. Oh, how much fun! I really appreciate you stopping by!


  2. Oh, what a fun ride. I havn't been bike riding in years, that's a great idea. I'm sure you had fun. Hugs, Marty

  3. Yes, your husband does rock! I love that you two do things together. And bike riding is such a great way to exercise and get outdoors. 14 miles is a wonderful accomplishment too. BTW, I appreciated your comment on Heart Choices today. I know exactly what you meant as I too am waiting on the Lord for my special someone to get to that place too. A big hug to you today.

  4. Sounds so great! I am a little afraid of my bike after falling last year. I went to far and got to tired. With MS that is not good. Last night I walked to far... called hubby to pick me up. I am sure I looked drunk by that time because I weave and drag one leg. It is my own fault. 2 or three 20 or 30 minute walks would be fine in one day, but 45 min. at one time is just to much. I don't know why I blabbed on about that (o:

  5. Sounds great! I have yet to get my bike out this spring - I need to do that. It is just the weekends have been so dreary and when the weather is good on the weekends I have been working in the yard and I am usually dragging when I get home from work. My bike was a gift last Mother's Day. I wanted an old fashioned bike that I could set up on and not lean way over for the handle bars. It is just like the one I got for my 10th birthday except it is pink! I will have to post a picture...

  6. Sounds wonderful. What a great accomplishment - 14 miles.


  7. 14 MILES, Noreen??!! That's awesome!! It's easy to get carried away on those leisurely rides!! Keep up the good work!!

    My week is getting very busy starting tomorrow!! I'm excited, though!! Winding up the year with Keeper's will be good. It's time for a break.

    Love and hugs!!


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