Monday, January 12, 2009


This last year hubby and I decided to have a homespun Christmas~making all of our presents.
It was a wonderful time for both of us; I made quilts for the children and families and my guy made cheese and cracker serving trays as well as cutting boards. He has always been extremely gifted in wood working and is actually teaching our two grandsons this art. I always take photos of quilts I make as a history and visual record of patterns I've used. So it seemed only natural to take one photo of this tray and post about it.
It is inlaid with purple-heart and walnut woods and took him many hours with designing, cutting and gluing to get it the way he wanted. It does have a small round quartz bowl that is for dips but this picture was taken while in the process of drying. I was so proud of him I could just bust! Some friends have said he should market these but because of the time involved he couldn't possibly recoup what it cost him. For both of us those things we make are a gift of love; mine are by no means perfect, his are but it was the love behind it that made it fun. I'm so proud that he is teaching his grandsons valuable lessons, not only in wood working but also in giving.


  1. Noreen,
    It is absolutely beautiful! I think your quilts are gorgeous!
    I wanted to pass on to you a blog that features some crafts:
    A woman named Susan(@ susanspace blog) runs this blog. She and her husband work with tile pieces.

    I have some baby quilts that my mom made for our children(we used so many times) and now they are sweetly tucked in my cedar chest in hopes to give them to grandchildren one day.
    I would love to quilt. My older brother has a patchwork quilt that my great-grandmother made. My mother has the sewing talent. I did not do well in home-ec.
    I still have a chair that my husband made when we were newlyweds. He made it from pallet boards using a jigsaw. He stained it. He made it, because we were sitting military footlockers and he wanted me to be comfortable at dinner time.
    We are blessed with wonderful husbands, aren't we?
    Sweet blessings,
    Miriam :)

  2. Noreen, your husband does amazing work! It's beautiful.

  3. That was beautiful. Like you said, it is so special that he spent time with the grandsonsand taught them some skills. We have snow today, how about you. Thanks for your comment on my blog friend.

  4. Noreen,
    I wanted to ask you if you have ever read "The Quilt" by T. Davis Bunn? It is a wonderful small book with heartwarming message.
    Miriam :)

  5. wow what awesome thoughtful gifts! My dh recently inherited a wood lathe and various tools from his grandad, he's been using them to make things out of wood.

  6. I have an award waiting for you at my blog!

  7. Wow, beautiful.

    I love how an ordinary piece of wood can become a work of art.

    Hope your week is going well.


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