Monday, January 26, 2009


Yesterday one of the main points of our sermon was on serving God and that we don't need to be a preacher, a missionary or doing great things in the world to serve Him. It is in the little things that we serve God. It doesn't matter how others respond, it is for Him. It doesn't matter whether others deserve the things we do, we do it for Him, He deserves it. Whether we are living with parents and serving them but are still treated wrongly, we do it for Him and for His glory. If we live with a spouse who doesn't know Christ, it shouldn't matter how badly they treat us if we are serving Christ. I am not advocating abuse or endangering the life of children but we continue to love and serve because we are loving Christ. If we work in a job and the boss is always horrible to us, we serve Christ by working at this with all our hearts.

In all of our lives we have those around us that don't deserve kindness, forgiveness, mercy but when we live that, we are serving our Lord. We have our own mission field, we don't need to go someplace else to serve or to teach or minister~the Lord wants us doing these things right where we are. A pretty basic principle but one that we need to be reminded of on a regular basis.

Be blessed this day!


  1. I'm very thankful for those that serve me when I don't deserve it!

  2. beat me to it! I am still working over all he talked about :)

  3. This is an excellent reminder to be yielded to the will of God in my own little sphere ... after all, He placed me where I am and knows all about each person that He brings me in contact with :o)


  4. Noreen, you have a servant's heart.
    That is what we are to do is serve others in His name and to do it heartily. Thank you for these words I must remember.
    Miriam :)

  5. Great words to pass on. How have you been? Is the peanut doing OK? We are finally getting the cold that everyone else has been talking about. How are you warm blooded people holding up?

  6. It is all about the way in which we serve, the attitude with which we serve, isn't it? We none of us deserve to be treated the way that we are by our Father God, but he treats us with grace. So much grace. The undeserved favour of God, we can never earn it, never, not in a million years will we earn it, but He gives it to us, freely. Its free, that lovingkindness that comes from Him, and it is with that heart, I believe, that we should try and serve others. Thank you for reminding me of that. I love the grace of God. x


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