Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun Food

Many years ago my family started cutting back on fast food in an effort to be more health oriented. Finally the only fast food restaurant we would visit was In-N-Out burger because they made everything fresh; you could actually watch them cutting potatoes for french fries. We got really spoiled by this restaurant and if you've ever been to California you will understand. When we moved to Colorado our search for a good burger began. We have tried many restaurants and none can compare to In-N-Out. However when our dear California friends were here visiting with us, their daughter who lives in Vail, took us to a chain restaurant called Noodles &Company. It is not a hamburger joint but it has become the only place I want to go for a quick lunch. We fell in love with this place. I try to avoid carb's on a regular basis but this place can satisfy anyone. The dishes are inexpensive-generally $3.50 for a small dish and $5.75 for large and the variety is simply amazing. We've eaten there four times now and my favorite is the Japanese Pan Noodle; dear hubby has had Pesto Pasta, Butter Noodles with shrimp and today he tried the Noodle Stroganoff with beef. Today I tried Pasta Fresco, basically fresh tomatoes, garlic, spinach, onion, noodles in a vinaigrette sauce. This would be a great place for kids as well due to how reasonable the prices are. I had never seen this restaurant prior to moving here and don't know if they have them in other states but I can tell you that the pasta is fresh as are the other ingredients. The only problem I've seen is trying to get a table because they are always so busy. So if you have one near you and haven't tried it-go try it. If you are Italian and make your own pasta this might not impress you but I love it. I just have to limit how often we eat there.
What is your favorite restaurant and why?


  1. You just had to go and mention In n' Out! Great, all day I will be thinking (translates = dreaming) about it! Okay for here, we just discovered Old Chicago - never had a Reuben before but now I love them.

  2. I have not been able to make my peace with Noodles...I am not that fond of noodles I guess. I thought of having a noodle party though. The host would have different kinds of pasta cooked up and everyone else would bring sauces. Could work. How about the fish taco place? I like Rumbies. Hubby and I share the chicken rice bowl. Brown rice to be a little better for you. Lots of veggies on it. I like the Jamaican Jerk and try to be sparing with it. (0:

  3. I love In-and-Out burgers!! We have one close, and I sometimes go there when I crave a hamburger. We like going to Mimi's Cafe, or Marie Callenders, and I love Olive Garden, though we don't have one close. (This is making me really hungry!) :o)

  4. Montana's Steak House... not for their steak but for their baby back ribs. Oh I love me some baby back ribs...

  5. Oh Noreen, you make me home sick
    for California! There are no "In n' Out" burgers in the Midwest.
    I love-love-love their french fries. Always fresh,hot & salty.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I must say you are brave handquilting thru flannel.I really haven't any tips for you, sorry. Just know that it is all worth it. Flannel can't be beat for warmth!


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