Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Hello dear friends, I can't believe it's Thursday all ready~how the days fly by.
Many of you have followed the ongoing health issue of my granddaughter we call Peanut-our little Mackenzie. This week their entire family drove down to Children's Hospital and met with the doctor that performed all of Peanut's tests in December. I know daughter and her hubby were so thankful to meet with the doctor and try to ascertain the best course of action for their little girl.
Mackenzie is now almost two and has had health issues from the age of 5 mos. She suffers from GERD, commonly known as Acid Reflux disease and with that comes another condition called Sensory Processing Disorder.
Many prayers have gone up for little Mackenzie and she is the sweetest little girl; we say she's little because she is very small for her age.
The results of the tests came back and we are pleased that there were no life threatening issues.
God is so good! Having said that our little one continues to have issues with losing weight and eating problems. The tests indicated she does not have Celiac disease so that was also good news.
Mama will now have to enroll her in an Eating clinic so she can learn how to eat better. That sounds so funny to me, to have to teach a child to eat but when you've had GERD and sensory issues eating does not happen naturally. I told my girl I was more than willing to give up some of my fat for little Mackenzie but unfortunately it doesn't work like that. Someday, when all is said and done, we will all look back on this and smile but right now it has been a long journey Kim and their family have walked through. It isn't over, in fact probably means one more day per week that they will have to schedule appointments with therapists etc but we are so thankful that
Mackenzie is not seriously ill. Now if we could just fatten her up a bit.
So to all who have prayed for her, thank you can't even begin to cover the gratitude I have for you in my heart. May you be richly blessed!


  1. Good Morning Noreen ~

    Thank you for sharing the update on your "little granddaughter". I will continue to keep your family in my prayers.

    Simple blessings for your day!!

    Hugs ~

  2. Mom,
    Thanks for sharing our journey...words can often fail me and to know you have a platou with your blogging relationships means a lot. Thank you Mom, and thank you to all of you amazing ladies who are upholding my little peanut. The strength we have is from His grace alone. Blessings to all!

  3. PS - Mom, look for tomorrow's post as I share my heart too!

  4. Thanks, Noreen,

    Yes, the heart picture was taken in my home. It sits on top of a white spacesaver/shelf in my bathroom.

    My quilt is coming along fine. I haven't worked on it in about a week, but I'm going to try to work on it again this afternoon. So far, so good. :-)

    I am keeping your little granddaughter in my prayers.


  5. Sweet Noreen,

    I am praying for our Loving Lord to complete His healing in MacKenzie. That He will bless her and her parents abundantly with His mercy and grace. I pray that MacKenzie will testify and to be a witness of God's goodness and power! I pray Psalm 34:7 over you all.

  6. Thanks for updating us. Have been wondering what they found out. I am sure it is hard on all of you. Will pray (o:

  7. hey noreen,still praying here for McKenzie and Kim, btw I am digging your music in here, Hillsongs are my favourites :-)

  8. Thank you for stopping by and visiting me. I am so happy that the doctor's report was good for your precious granddaughter. I, too, feel that this will be a time that you can look back many years from now and see how good God was....and when she is all grown she will probably say "How did I ever gain this much weight when they had to MAKE me want to eat!"

  9. Noreen,

    Thanks for the update on your precious little granddaughter ... may the Lord continue to give strength and grace to her parents and all of you.

    How thankful everyone must be that tests have shown no life threatening illnesses and hopefully this *eating clinic* will be a big benefit to her :o)


  10. such wonderful news! I was terrified our Rugrat had Celiacs, so I know exactly the feelings that accompany all those tests and awaiting results. Turns out he was just iron deficient. I hope your little peanut gets all the vitamins and nutrients she needs!

  11. Praise the Lord! I certainly understand some of those issues. My Colton (11) has sensory issues as well and mealtimes can be such a challenge. Some foods he can even bear to look at and he is such a little string bean. But he just ate his first bread this week and we were all cheering. We did have to toast it quite crisp but he ate it! Oh the little joys that mean so much.

    Praying for MacKenzie!



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