Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stick-Together Families

One of my closest friends over the years has been a constant inspiration to me. She has nine children and homeschooled them all. Although she now lives several states away and I haven't seen her for a number of years, we are bound by the heart. She sent me this poem that one of her children found in a homeschool reader. I love the sentiment it evokes.

Stick-Together Families

The stick-together families

Are happier by far

Than the brothers and sisters

Who take separate highways are;

The gladdest people living

Are the wholesome folks who make

A circle at the fireside

That no power but death can break,

And the finest of conventions

Ever held beneath the sun,

Are the little family gatherings

When busy days are done.

There are some who seem to fancy

That for gladness they must roam,

That for smiles that are the brightest,

They must wander far from home.

That a strange friend is a true friend,

And they travel far astray,

And they waste their lives in striving

For a joy that’s far away.

But the gladdest sort of people

When the busy day is done,

Are the brothers and the sisters

Who together share their fun.

It’s the stick-together family

That wins the joy of earth,

That hears the sweetest music

And finds the finest mirth.

It’s the old home roof that shelters

All the charm that life can give,

And oh, weary wandering brother,

If contentment you would win,

Come you back into the fireside,

And be comrade with your kin.

-Author Unknown


  1. good morning. I am eating my cereal and waiting for kids to show up. Nice poem. Hope you have a great day.

  2. That was wonderful...thankyou for sharing.


  3. What a sweet poem ~ thank you! I hope you are enjoying a day filled with the sweetest blessings!


  4. I am crying. I needed this today. God is speaking to me. I will share about it some time soon on my blog. Thanks for sharing this.


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