Monday, January 19, 2009

A Windy January Day

Blessings to you dear friends. The month has flown by; it's hard to believe we only have two weeks left. We have been enjoying the beauty of bright, clear sunny days with lots of wind. It looks like spring but in reality, spring is a long way off. Years ago when some friends moved from California to Colorado I remember them telling us they experienced a lot more wind than we ever had in California. I can testify to that! Anyway, I'm dreaming of spring time and planting trees, flowers and herbs with possibly some vegetables. Of course we haven't found a house yet but it never hurts to look towards the future. The last number of years we were in California I worked full time and just didn't have the energy or time for a garden. Now that we are retired I can't wait.
So today my oldest daughter, her hubby,their gang, my hubby and I went over to our local park to fly kites. I thought it would be so much fun and daughter and I both took our cameras.
No sooner had my dear hubby gotten our kite out of the car when it took off~and proceeded to break away from the string and blow through the parking lot into the bushes. So much for flying kites and getting pictures-it is much to windy for that.
How is your weather today? Are you enjoying it's beauty, whether it is snowy, icy, bleak or bright and sunny? We all have been blessed with the Hand of God creating a magnificent handiwork for us~so take time today to enjoy, even if it is from inside looking out.


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  2. I dream of spring and summer too especially when it's super chilly now. What do you plan on planting? Any favorites?

    Ah, flip flops or bare feet would be nice. But for now it's socks and moccasins to keep me warm.

    We had a little snow today to coat the ground. Do you have a fireplace? I wish we did.

  3. So sorry to hear that your kite flying didn't work out! It sounded like a lot of fun. I haven't done that for years! William and I used to have a kite that we would take out on windy days. We named it Zachary (we still name inanimate objects). :o) I hope that you have another chance to go! We are enjoying a lovely, sunny day here.

  4. Sorry about the wind. We were in Denver at the Zoo and it was warm, sunny and NO wind. Over the years we have had kites torn from our hands. Very dramatic for the little ones. The wind did kick up on our way home, but we had a nice morning.

  5. Noreen, we have had a kite-flying experience like that except ours swirled around in the wind then took a nose dive and broke. Oh well, that was fun! :)
    Today is very windy and cold. I am ready for spring and the beautiful blossoms and green leaves. I look forward to the hummingbirds and butterflies returning.
    Sweet blessings, my dear friend,

  6. Dear Sparrow, My dear hubby did wear flip-flops today. My favorite trees are crepe mrytle, pistache, dogwood, Japenese maples...favorite flowers are foxglove, cosmos, impatients, delphenium...also a small garden if we have the room.
    We have a gas fireplace and although it doesn't really heat up the house it is more atmosphere and nice to sit in front of.
    Susan-I also name things-mainly cars. I did it in high school and college more.

    Blessings to each of you.

  7. Noreen,

    Sorry to hear of your kite flying mishap but it sounded fun all the same!!

    We have been experiencing intense, extreme cold the past few days while today was milder and rainy BUT it made for icy driveways and such unless sprinkled with salt or sand!

    Blessings :o)

  8. I have been spring cleaning over here, which is unheard of. A strange chinook has brought temperatures that lifted our thermometers to the breaking even point (0). Oh how dreamy, this rare indeed for a northern prairie winter. I am soaking it up as much as I can.


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