Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Reflections on Homeschooling

After all was said and done I was asked to speak with a group of ladies about my homeschool experience. It was a small group of homeschoolers and there were several of us that were asked to share. One question in particular that I recall was "because I started in homeschooling our daughter's in jr. high and high school did I feel they missed out on anything and did I regret homeschooling?". My answers are still they same-No they did not miss out on anything academic or social because of our choice to pull them out of school and I never regretted for a single moment our homeschooling. Yes, I wish we started off educating them at home because I had to go back and reteach the fundamentals. Our homeschooling was probably one of, if not the richest times in my life. I still see so many benefits our girls received in their lives from it and most of all the bond we have today is deeper still because of all we have done together. Some of the ladies who shared at this meeting actually were so glad to be done with teaching their kids and I found this so very sad. But I have always loved teaching and still often find myself doing it with our grandkids. I've known many homeschoolers and while they may know their children and enjoy the child-parent relationship, I can honestly say that next to my husband our girls are truly my best friends. Many have told me that our family unit, our closeness in proximity and in time spent together, is unusual and I for one am so very thankful that we are so close. That's probably why I am so drawn to the simpler, plain life because to me it epitomizes a tight close bond of family.
My daughter's were able to experience life set apart that they wouldn't have if they were in school; they were able to partake in learning things that are character building in a way they couldn't have if in a restricted classroom environment.
Today I have to be very careful because I am very much against public schools and so I find myself having to button my lips if talking with others.
I know many enjoy the school systems and flourish in it but for us the simple truth is that we loved learning at home.


  1. There is a download on called PAINT.NET v3.36, located at the top of the page, on the right hand side. That is what I downloaded, and use to put my blog name on my pictures. It is a very fast download--and I love using it. Very easy to use once you get used to it. That is also what I did to write on my header at the top. The red-checks are actually a picture I took of my kitchen curtains. :-) Hugs~Karen

  2. yes. I know what you mean about buttoning your lip. My insides are screaming "you don't know what you're MISSING!!! You don't know what your KIDS are missing. You don't know what your FAMILY is missing!" but I just smile and nod and don't say anything unless pressed. It's agonizing.

  3. I am very conscious of the difference between uSA and UK when it comes to education. Many homeschooled kids here are subsequently unable to go on to university education and the costs of state exams are prohibitive. I respect every family's right to find their own pathway, trusting God's guidance - but in our personal situation here in England we felt that home schooling was NOt the way forward for us. I am not sure there is a blanket RIGHT answer for every one - we each need to trust Him!
    But having said that, I am glad it worked out well for your kids [and ours]
    Blessings x x

  4. Dear Angela, Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your thoughts and I also realize that education is Europe is far better(for the most part)than education here. All those I know that have lived and studied abroad testify to the fact our system is sorely lacking. Plus you add in blatant disrespect for a christian perspective and you end up with a system that is failing. Here the universities jump to enroll homeschooled kids because of how superior their background is. My daughter's just attended a in high school. As you said, each family must prayerfully consider where the Lord is calling them and obey His will for their lives. Blessings, Noreen

  5. Noreen,
    I have enjoyed our homeschool experience and would not trade the teachable moments of applying God's word to areas of our lives or to the daily studies, to field trips to historical places.

  6. It is so encouraging to hear my heart reflected in your words.



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