Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Hunt

A little over a year ago dear hubby and I joined the rest of our family and moved from California to beautiful Colorado. The reason was simple~the Lord was leading us here. He began to reveal His plan to both of my daughter's and their husbands that this was the place He wanted us. Each couple had been praying about a potential move and where they were to go. Our Father is so faithful, He led each couple separately but undeniably to move to this area of Colorado. So within a few months we had all prepared for the move and made it. There was only one glitch-our home didn't sell due to the poor housing market in Sonoma County. So we leased it to a nice family who absolutely love it. Now that we've been here a year we've decided we really need to purchase a home of our own. We are very hard on homes and with two dogs and having 7 grandkids over, we can be really rough on a house. We did try to buy one house but we came in second; so today we are beginning our search again. It is difficult to find a house that meets all our criteria but with the Lord on our side, nothing is impossible. It's exciting to think about actually painting color on walls as we are so tired of white walls. It's also fun to think about planting....but lest I get ahead of myself I need to take a deep breathe and see what looks feasible. My motto is Trust in Him who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than I desire.


  1. Place all your cares of Him, for He knows the desire of your heart and I can't wait to see where you guys end up!!! Around the corner would be AMAZING!!!!

  2. Dear Noreen,

    What an exciting adventure! Trusting the Lord to provide just what you need ~ it will be exciting to watch how He leads you and your husband! He is so faithful!

    Sweet blessings and prayers!

  3. Noreen,
    Sweet friend, I am praying that the Lord will direct you&your husband's path to find the home that He has for you! That He will give you the desires of your hearts and that it will a place were your grandkids,friends,and those you invite in your home feel His loving presence.
    You said you all are rough on your houses; it sounds like LIFE&LOVE to me!
    Miriam :)

  4. Noreen,

    It will be interesting to read about how the Lord is guiding you and your husband to the very house that He has waiting for you :o)


  5. Praying that God will lead you to the house that is above and beyond all you could have imagined or hoped for... even if it's not exactly what you *thought* you were looking for. I don't know how many times this has happened to me... God is good!

  6. I will be praying that God will lead you to the home He wants you to have!

  7. It is always amazing to me that when I need something all I have to do is asked then suddenly (through the power of the Lord) I have what I need. Sometimes it isn't exactly what I asked for but even better.


  8. I was trying to remember where in CA my daughter lived and went to church for a year or so. We got to visit her there before she moved back here. It sure was fun. I think she could have stayed there if the job had continued at the church she was at. Traffic was not so fun. I will remember the name after I post this. (o: Will you buy a house right close ti where you are at now, or maybe some town close to there? Thanks for the guess on my blog. I will tell the answers tonight. I hope I don't wait till I am to tired again.


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