Friday, January 23, 2009


My husband is an original do-it-yourself kind of guy. It started back in our college days when he was taught to lay cement, specifically aggregate. From the time we bought our first house we did all our own projects-you name it, we tackled it. It helps that he is very gifted in woodworking and in building. When I was 8 mos pregnant with our first daughter I remember being straddled over wet cement as we evened it out and fearing my belly would certainly end up in the wet goop. While we lived in that house we laid yards of cement, built fences as well as overhangs, put a new roof on the house with our two young daughters sitting next to us the entire time. Once some of the neighbor gals, who were friends, told me very nicely that I needed to stop because their hubbies were looking at them wondering why they didn't do all the things I would do.
So it should be no surprise when I got so excited that new hardwood flooring is being delivered to my daughter's house across the street today. I felt like a kid in a candy shop! This means that this weekend we will all begin the process on pulling up old awful carpet and next week begin laying the hardwood with them. Yippee! Of course I may not be as involved physically as I once was but I'll be there just the same, probably watching the grandkids. I'm also looking forward to painting once we get our house.
Have a fun weekend, whatever you do!


  1. You guys have taught us so much and I am thankful we didn't have a mom on the sidelines! There is such beauty of working beside your hubby that so many miss. You can count our hands to be there helping this weekend too!



  3. Noreen,the handy-woman!!( how wonderful for your man) Will we be seeing the before&after on HGTV?? You go girl ! I stand in awe....
    Miriam :0)

  4. Hey, it is one wonderful thing when your husband is a DIYer (and mine is!) but you don't have to join in. lol I do not....but that is because he works best alone. He is not good at sharing a job. Have fun.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You need to get into the city! There are some interesting places to visit. We are in Arvada, not too far from you. Thank you for sharing the story about your sister. Life is precious and we so soon forget. Have a blessed weekend!

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  7. Mrs.N,
    What a blessing to have such a DIY husband!
    I love your blog and name...Life Blessings. It seems like you are expressing deep rich thoughts here and I look forward to visiting again. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting, it always touches me when people take time out of their busy day to comment on my blog. it is such a joy to meet a like minded sister-in-Christ, who also loves to quilt!! ;)

    Many Blessings,
    Miss Jen

  8. oh I adore hardwood floor, I can understand why your daughter has chosen it, with children it's just way better than carpet, easier to clean up messes :-)

  9. You and Dad have taught us a lot and are now teaching the next generation. Such a wonderful thing...


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