Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Memories of Family

Families are such a interesting combination of personalities and traits. I was born to parents that were first generation Americans and all my grandparents were from Ireland. For those born in Irish Catholic families there is much laughter and joy and a lot of strong willed individuals. I was blessed by having one older sister and one slightly older brother(lol) and I truly was the baby, born 10+ after my siblings. My sister was like a second mom to me when I was growing up and throughout my life I leaned on her for support and friendship but like most siblings Dee could drive me crazy. When my family decided we needed to move to northern Ca. a few years later Dee decided to move to be closer to me, or so she said. I was thankful for that decision because later on it would prove to be the easiest for all of us. Ten years ago my sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She would prove to be the most courageous fighter I've ever known and battled this horrendous disease for seven years with more dignity and grace than I ever thought possible. Three years ago today she went home to be with the Lord, as she described it she was taking a long train ride and would be in heaven to greet us. I had the privledge of helping to hospice her during her last seven months and that too proved to be the greatest gift she could give me. Today as I see roses or hear birds sing I think of you my sister.
Today when I enjoy a dessert I will think of you Dee. Today when I walk your beloved dog I will think of you and try not to cry because I miss you so much. I'll smile when I think of you being in heaven with our parents and other family members and also mostly be so grateful that you are with Jesus.
I have one brother and sister-in-law(the sister of my heart) and I cherish them beyond words. Yes, my brother and I have so many family traits and Irish characteristics , I love you both so much and wish you joy today.


  1. Nor

    This is such a great tribute to Dee.

    We love you so much

    Your Sister of the Heart

  2. You are amazing Mom - I love you!

  3. My dearest Sue, Carrie and Kim,
    I couldn't have gone through it without each of you holding me up, loving me and praying for me.
    I just read a quote that said When a family is being a family it is powerful...I am blessed.


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