Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Island Majesty

If you were to ask my husband if he could live anywhere in the world where would it be, he would quickly answer "the islands". We fell in love with the Hawaiian islands before we were married and still love visiting. So, you may be asking, why are we in Colorado instead of the islands? John will shake his head and say because of me, which is true, and I would answer that I need to be with family, with daughters, with our grand kids. Childcare would be too costly to do if we were so far away. Having said that, we have found no greater place to vacation that Hawaii...not the big island but the little island of Kauai. We have vacationed there during each season and the only one I didn't care for, weather wise, was last March. It was rainy, not just the tropical storms that occur in the afternoons and the surf was especially treachorous. There is something so peaceful about the islands, a slower pace of life where a person really takes in the beauty of God's creation. This year we spent two weeks there and our next trip, not until 2010, John wants to spend three weeks there. How, I wonder, will I be able to be away from the kids and our two dogs for that long. I am so thankful for cell phones and the internet. Many of our family vacations, including daughters and grandkids, have been to Maui and Kauai but with air fares going up this seems impossible for the kids. So we are content to go once a year, o.k. I am content to go once a year, John would love to go there at least twice a year. I love being there but there are other spots beckoning me, Maine & New England for antiques, Ireland to see my grandparents towns, Scotland, Austria, Switzerland and of course New Zealand. These are pipe-dreams but who doesn't love to day dream. Enjoy your dreams today.

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