Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tales of Old

I found this old barn standing alone, solitary and beckoning.
I wanted to step into the past and see what stories it could tell; was it a structure built decades ago by one family who eventually left the farming community in search for an easier life or possibly still belonging to someone who no longer sought life from the land or needed a barn to house animals. I can almost hear children doing daily chores all the while talking about quiet times up in a hay loft. What tales were spun under its beams, what values and skills were honed into a person daily toiling here. What life could still be gleaned under the rafters...could it return to its useful purpose and be restored? How many people drive by not giving a thought to the heritage it holds, to the lives that were lived here. How many people look without seeing?
Lord, let us stop and look all the while being eager to learn Your lessons on life. Help us to have eyes that see the beauty around us. Amen.


  1. hi Noreen, thanks for your comment at my blog :-)


  2. I just love old abandoned buildings, they always set me to imagining! Beautiful.


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