Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Joy in the simple things

This morning I joined my two daughters and their children to go on a walk before our day got too hot. It is always so fun to see things through the eyes of children, to see joy in the simple things-red ants in the open space, butterflies, birds and creeks. Trying to run through the sprinklers without getting wet or falling while running, giggles and laughter as well as one granddaughter crying because she didn't want to be wet. Kim, my pregnant girl, telling me later she didn't expect to go on an hour long walk and being surprised that this walk was not a long walk by our standards. Boys that love to race around the trails, riding through the puddles and skidding to a stop only to be told they need to come back and join the group. Little ones falling asleep while being carried by mama despite all the noise and jostling. Life is good, the Lord has richly blessed us.

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  1. Nor,

    When I read things like this, I can get chills. When we recognize these rich blessings... How our Lord delights in us. These moments are what living is all about.

    Awesome. Beautiful family. Girl, you are rich indeed. Hugs.


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