Friday, July 18, 2008


I have been reading a book by Karen Ehman titled A Life That Says WELCOME and I love all the practical ideas Karen shares that help the reader learn to have an open heart, open home.

When I think of hospitality there are 3 women in my life who have embodied this character trait . The first woman is my dear sister-in-law who I refer to as the sister of my heart; Susan has always had a knack of treating family and guests like royalty. Her natural ability and ease at entertaining always draws others to her home. Through her example I have learned many skills as well as what she has taught my daughters. Not only does she make a person feel so special but she makes the preparations look so easy. When I am with Susan, I feel so incredibly cherished, she nutures me in all areas. I am so grateful to Sue, her love and her example!

The next gal I want to give honor to is my best friend since high school, Aletha. Aletha and her husband live in the mountains above Carmel Valley Ca. When we visit there, it is like going away on a vacation to a mountain resort. Aletha is a first class cook with a talent for creating gormet meals from scratch. I always come home with new recipes but sadly don't follow her example too often. Aletha has such a laid back style and you know you can kick your shoes off and get in and help create.

My third example, although I have many more, is a woman who I worked with at a preschool. Her name is Beth Anderson and she is a pastors' wife as well as teacher, encourager, gifted hostess. Many times while working with Beth she would leave for day only to call the school and ask the entire staff to come for lunch. When we would arrive, it would not be a simple lunch of sandwiches but a complete sit-down luncheon, china and all. Beth always insisted in serving us and making us feel like we were in a first class restaraunt. Beth gives constantly to all she comes in contact with and is an example of a Prov. 31 woman.

With all three of these special ladies, I am so proud to have spent time with them and hope to emulate them in my own life.

One of the ways I hope to apply some of Karen Ehman's suggestions is to start with my family. I want to pamper them as others have pampered me so that they may be blessed by the simple art of pouring out love on a daily basis. I am still learning so much about ministering to others, God still has a lot of work to do in me in order for me to be a blessing and example for others.


  1. I think I may need to read that book again. :)

    Love ya!

  2. I am grateful for your comments about my hospitality and love you for them. My observation is your girls had a special role model who served up her own style of "welcome"!!

  3. Great post forgot yourself on that list too! We are truly blessed


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