Monday, July 14, 2008

A Cozy Welcoming Feeling

In our small town of 17,000 people we have three coffee houses and two Starbucks which are located in grocery stores. We were new in town and happened upon my favorite spot, House of Windsor. This is a combo coffee house and country gift store. I love to just go hang out there and visit with the owners or any other staff members. Often they have "girlie" mornings and bring in local artisans to show their ware. I have joked about working there in exchange for merchandise but I am not the only one who thought of this. One of my favorite friends is pictured above, Kim with her daughter Rachel. Being a newbie in town I don't have many girlfriends, o.k only 3 besides my two daughters. Kim is always reaching out to me and making me feel loved. Kim and her family have only been in town for two years, so I imagine she remembers what it was like.
A home near my daughters' house that I love to look at.

When we left California to move to Colorado the housing market was very soft, to put it mildly. Our home of 18 yrs didn't sell and dear hubby and I found ourselves renting a very lovely home. I am so grateful for the house we rent but when I take my daily walks around various neighborhoods I like to pick out the type of house I would like and what the character of the house is. I found this home on one such walk and immediately felt it welcoming me. Can't you just imagine sitting in the rocker with a friend and glass of ice tea. I am a country girl and if I can't live out in the country I'd like to have a house that is country style and says welcome. So I hope, dream and pray as I walk; looking forward to the day when we will be able to buy and I can plant all the flowers I want and make it inviting to others.
So this day, I again am rejoicing in the area that we live in and all the blessings of my life. Today I spent the morning with my daughter and her girls and this afternoon I was able to run across the street and see our other daughter and her four children. Life is good. This evening I took dear hubby out to dinner for his birthday and we enjoyed a great meal. I am notorious though for always wanting dessert and tonight was no exception. We ordered a Caramel Apple Bread pudding and it was phenomenal but I found myself very full afterwards. The great thing about living in a new climate is that we can actually go for walks in the evenings and not get cold. I love it here.
May you find joy in the simple things of life and see the beauty all around you.

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  1. What a great post Mom! I love the pictures too.


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