Monday, July 7, 2008

Seasons and Shedding

This morning I took our two dogs outside to brush them as I've noticed they are shedding quite a bit. Reggie, our springer/terrier mix looses his hair in clumps while Sadie sheds year round. As I plucked the hair tufts from Reggie before using the curry comb on him, a task he resists, I pondered my life as how often the Lord needs to pluck/prune the dead and old from me, my habits, my thoughts and my focus. It is easy to hold onto things past but there comes a time when we must make room for the new, whether it be growth or fruit so that it can flourish. Throughout the seasons of life some things are better left behind to make room for the new...often times I need to stand before the prescence of the Lord and have Him weed out those things not pleasing to Him, even though it may hurt. Only as we yield ourselves to Him can He prune, pluck, weed and then cause us to grow more like Him. Therefore I would gladly undergo His handy work that I might reflect Jesus even more. "More of Him, less of me"-John 3:30

One of my favorite quotes from Prairie Chick is: " I strive to live efficiently in the flesh, fruitfully in the Spirit and joyfully in the soul." I want to live a transformed life in Christ, being made like Him no matter what the cost.
Because He first loved me, Noreen

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