Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am so thankful for the imagination of a bright three year old. Several years ago I was able to buy dress-up clothes for the grandkids after halloween, at KMart for a very low price.
Yesterday Shannon and I pulled some out for her to try on...viola-a princess bride.
Somehow I think in years to come we will play this often and as years pass by suddenly the time will come for her to be a real bride. I am so thankful we have many, many years left to play.
Today it is clear blue sky outside and warm already so I'm thankful that I can put shorts,a tank and flip-flops on and I look forward to playing in a wading pool with my grandaughters.
Nine years ago today, my oldest daughter Carrie walked down the aisle to meet her prince and say "I do". I am so thankful for her choice in a husband, their marriage and our wonderful son-in-law Brent. Hard to believe so much time has passed but when you are raising a family time does fly.
I am so thankful for my home and the area we are in.
I am thankful for the wisdom my hubby had in choosing this home for us to rent until our home in Ca. sells. I am also thankful for living across the street from Carrie and her family.
I am thankful that yesterday I got time to start a new wall hanging and help Kim sew a project.
I'm not as good as I'd like but I'm thankful that I do enjoy my relatively new sewing machine and got some time to work on it.
I am thankful for God's grace that covers me daily, from His presence to His word to the love poured out in my life from sisters around the world.
I am thankful that we can all dream and look towards the future with hope and joy, trusting that my days are in His Hands.


  1. so precious....I have to get that picture!

  2. This reminds me of two little girls at my house 20+ years ago in dress-ups!!!


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