Friday, August 1, 2008

A Hunter

Our area is a haven for little boys with inquisitive minds! On daily walks there is much to be seen, much to be explored, much to be learned and lived. My grandsons know I love most wild creatures, from snakes to frogs Nana is always ready to lend a helping hand. In fact, several years ago when other adults would not climb down into a mucky, algae-filled creek to retrieve polliwogs this Nana did. Of course I did need to take a hot shower to rid myself of bugs when I got home. Here in Colorado we are still getting used to what lives in our area but yesterday John gleefully told me "Nana, there are polliwogs here" knowing full well that I'd be game to try to catch some for science. I didn't, at least not yet, but I loved watching him explore and determine what was in our creek. He has the mind of an engineer and loves to build but he also has the mind of a boy, ready and waiting to get into the mud. The joys of being young again and also the joys of being at an age where it doesn't matter if you step in muck to bring joy and learning to your grandsons.


  1. Great comments about John's exploring! Love these pictures.

  2. Very Cute! You are the best Nana!!! :)

  3. Love this, especially after our message at church yesterday about being like a child again. Experiencing the wonder!

    Glad you are willing to get dirty to be with your grandsons. They will cherish these moments.


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