Thursday, August 31, 2017

I'm Thankful for Sprouts Stores

Today is Thankful Thursday and I almost forgot to blog; in fact, I was driving to our local Sprouts store to pick up some necessary items and remembered.  So what could I blog about today?  Do you ever have those days, when nothing comes to mind?
This will be a simple post, but today I'm very thankful we have Sprouts(a health/organic/natural food store)near us. Whole Foods is about 30 minutes away and I just don't get there very often; when I need specific items, Sprouts is where I go.  My main reason for going  today was I was running low on a couple of supplements; I'm very picky about getting the highest quality for our dollar.  I needed some more Magnesium and also Potassium.  With our trip coming up, I knew I'd need more Vitamin C as well.  Then of course, my daughter has shared some wonderful treats with us and I wanted to get some for dessert.  You can see the purple and green packages-they are from Heavenly Organics and are dark chocolate with on one or two ingredients.  The purple are Double Dark Chocolate patties made from 100% Dark Chocolate and Raw White Honey.  No Gluten, Dairy, Soy or Sugar added; the green are Mint Chocolate Honey Patties and the only other ingredient is Peppermint Oil.  I have been doing my best to limit all sugar, but I love Dark Chocolate so try to have one piece in the evening.  I also bought some Dark Chocolate Hail Merry bites with Almond Oil, Coconut, Maple Syrup and Cocoa.  I limit myself to one of either of these.
I love yogurt and have switched to Coconut Milk or Almond yogurt due to inflammation.  Rice cakes are a must and these are brown rice; I love putting almond or peanut butter on them for lunch.  Last but not least is a tea that has become on of my favorites-It is Emperor's Pu-Erh tea by Numi.  I heard about Pu-Erh tea from a blogging friend and had to check it out.  It is an ancient healing tea from China and I googled it and also learned that it can help lower cholesterol naturally.  A neighbor and I have gotten so used to the taste that we make it all the time, either hot or iced.  I don't know whether I drink enough to help my cholesterol, which is good to begin with, but I enjoy it.
I can tell you when I eliminate the majority of processed foods and sugars from my diet I feel 100% better.  You would think I eat a lot of chocolate from this picture, but these items will last us a long time.  I have always felt that if you


  1. Well Dear Friend, I have finally found out why you look so young, thank you for sharing this. I am also using coconut milk, and coconut oil for so many things, it is the best! Thank you for sharing.
    Have a blessed and happy Labor Day weekend.

  2. I love Sprouts and eating healthy! I will have to check that tea out. Have a nice Labor Day Weekend.


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