Thursday, August 3, 2017

No Idle Hands

It's thankful Thursday and today I wanted to share two projects with you that hubby and I have been working on. I am thankful for having hands that work! With getting older, one thing that comes along is stiff hands, so I'm glad we can still be creative. My beloved has always been gifted with wood and also art; he so enjoys making things with his hands. He has long been interested in Marquetry-the art and craft of applying pieces of veneer to a structure to form a decorative pattern, design or picture(Wikipedia). It can be used for furniture, chests etc. Recently he bought a new(used)scroll saw and has been playing around with it. He drew the flower by hand and then inlaid the lighter and darker wood. I love it! As you know this summer I made a sew along bag-it was a tough project for me, but I love it and use it every night when I'm quilting.  It's got plenty of space and it is darling; I may make another one, but because it is so handy. I went a bit out of the box with color choices-I usually am very traditional-but I truly love the way this turned out! It is so fun. I am so very thankful for my best friend Barb who gave me the pattern and encouraged me to make it.  She also made one for herself.  I think we'll be looking for projects to do together on our trip to New England in October.
This bag is much simpler, but I thought it would be a fun gift for friends.  I may make two sizes or just tuck a little something special inside.  I am finding out just how much of a perfectionist I am, especially when it is a gift for friends.  I know you are reading this Barb and this is not one of your birthday presents 8-)
It is fun to play with different fabrics-these are lined as well.  I have never mastered zippers, but I think this project may help me get better in my technique.
I am thankful that we each have individual passions and giftings.  I am thankful that we can enjoy our days making and creating.  I am thankful that we can afford our hobbies, be it golf, wood working, quilting or traveling.
I am thankful that blogging started so many years ago and gives us an outlet for writing, sharing and getting to know friends who we may never meet in person.  I have just heard from a friend from the time when our girls were in grade school.  My oldest daughter had a very close friend and we knew the family. With several moves etc, I had lost touch with the gal; she found me and now we are getting reacquainted with each other via emails.  It is so fun to see what has happened during the last 25+ years.  Our technology makes life so much easier, so today I'm also thankful for it. I am thankful for all the friends and bloggers I've gotten to know over the make life richer.
I hope you have a great day!  Try to do utilize some creative juices today!

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