Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Today is going to be one of those errand days I think.  Now that my girlfriend Kam is back,she and I will be walking Lexie and Hunter first thing this morning, before it is too hot.  Immediately afterward, I'm taking Hunter to the groomers; I know getting trimmed will make him feel so much better, just hoping he does well there.  Right down the street from the groomers is the town pool,, where our grands are taking lessons, so I will swing by there to watch them. They are doing so well and have improved so much over the last month.
I also need to get a nice  bath towel for Hunter's crate; I had a throw blanket in there but he has decided he loves to chews on the strings on the edge. I do worry about his choking and thought a nice soft bath towel would work better.  By the time I get back to pick him up, it will be in the 100's for sure, not sure what I'll do to stay cool.
I forgot to mention I've officially been bitten by the Pinterest bug. I put off looking at this online board site for so long but finally did, after my daughter's told me they were on it.  I like being able to see photos of decorating, food, entertaining and then to save them for the future.  I guess it would be like a folder but it is organized easier.  Have you checked this site out yet?  
Have a bright and beautiful day!
Noreen & Hunter


  1. Sounds like a full day. I am sure Hunter will be more comfortable with short furs, I know I am.

  2. We, in the Pacific Northwest, could use some of your heat. Just checked the temperature and it's 53 degrees and overcast.
    I'll gladly send you some clouds and cooler temps.

    Trying to help you stay cool!

  3. Good luck at the groomer's Hunter!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Yep...Pinterest!! Love it!! Have a great day!!


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